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Brisbane Festival Review: Fear and Delight - Cultural Forecourt at South Bank (Performances to 25th September)

As I sit here, pen on paper, attempting to review the enigma that is Fear and Delight I find myself with a dilemma. For a show shrouded in mystery, how do I review something without spoiling the namesake fear and delight of this whirlwind blur clad in black and white? To divulge too much detail would be a crime against the creativity of the show. Exuding sex, the cast of nine performers tease their talents and physiques to the audience with comedy and quirkiness, all set to an amazing musical backdrop by The Correspondents.

Photo Gallery: I LOVE LIFE Festival - The Tivoli, Brisbane (13.09.15)

The Smith Street Band were joined by the likes of Walken, Andrew Jackson Jihad and many more for the I LOVE LIFE festival at Brisbane's Tivoli yesterday. Andrew Wade was there and brings us these photos:

BIGSOUND 2015: From TV sync and movie tie-ins to biggest regrets - Highlights from Day Three of the Conference

Brisbane’s BIGSOUND conference wraps up with a smaller and less intensive program, along with a slightly smaller and much more hungover crowd who have spent the last 3 days running between the conference, industry parties and checking as many of the 150+ acts as possible at BIGSOUND Live.

BIGSOUND Live: Highlights of Night Two - Part Three (10.09.15)

Tired Lion at BIGSOUND Live

My second night of BIGSOUND brought just as much variety as the first. With so many artists to see it’s always a matter of ‘trade-offs,’ but here are just a few highlights from the night!

BIGSOUND Live: Highlights of Night Two - Part One (10.09.15)

And so BIGSOUND Live continues into its second night. The conference is still going, and people moving distinctively slower tonight than they were last night. However with plenty of fresh new live music to partake in, there is not time for sleep yet!

BIGSOUND 2015: From the state of hip hop to the industry's devaluation of women - Highlights from Day Two of the Conference

Pictured: Nick DiDia, Anna Laverty, Stuart Stuart, Adam Spark and Kim Moyes

BIGSOUND Day two taught us about the roots of hip-hop, gave us hard evidence of the effect a producer has on music, and, rightfully, pulled the industry's devaluation of women into the spotlight.

BIGSOUND Live: Highlights of Night One - Part Two (09.09.15)

Pictured: DEAFCULT

It sounds a little cliché, but the first night of Bigsound really was a showcase of the variety of Australian musicians making waves at the moment. The spectrum of genres was amazing to see, and no doubt we’ll be hearing much more from these very talented artists.

BIGSOUND 2015: From the diving Aussie dollar to Tame Impala and the digital age - Highlights From Day One of the Conference

Pictured: The Wide World of Music panel featuring Ruth Barlow - Beggars Group UK (GBR), Millie Millgate - SOUNDS AUSTRALIA (AUS), Blake Rayner - Dew Process, Create/Control, Secret Sounds Touring (AUS), Danny Rogers - Lunatic Entertainment and St Jerome's Laneway Festival (AUS), Dan Rosen - ARIA and PPCA (AUS) and Jacqueline Saturn - Harvest Records (USA)

BIGSOUND Day 1 taught us that being an Australian musician is a good selling point, streaming is the new norm, and that Tame Impala's new album is everyone's favourite thing. The AU's Aidan Hogg was there to catch the industry panels and speeches:

BIGSOUND 2015: Highlights from Peter Garrett's opening keynote

Peter Garrett kicked off 2015’s BIGSOUND conference with his opening keynote speech, covering the positive and negative changes in the music industry, as well as his key points of wisdom, "the one minute version before the 48 minute version".

Photo Gallery: Blank Realm + Nite Fields - The Foundry, Brisbane (05.09.15)

Blank Realm took over The Foundry in Brisbane last night, accompanied by Nite Fields. Andrew Wade was there to bring us these killer snaps of a show that may go down as one of the best of the year...

Photo Gallery: Oh Mercy - The Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane (04.09.15)

Melbourne's Oh Mercy brought their fourth album When We Talk About Love to the Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage for their first Brisbane show in three years. Aidan Hogg was there and brings us these photos from the night:

Live Review: Safia + Boo Seeka + Owen Rabbit - Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane (27.08.15)

Safia have been absolutely killing it this year. With single after single, they have been getting so much radio play as well as selling out show gigs all across the country. The last time I saw Safia was at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND conference last year, and holy wow, what a difference a year makes. They have really stepped up their game and brought the production of their live show up to a whole new level.

Photo Gallery and Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan + Caligula's Horse - Max Watts, Brisbane (30.08.15)

The newly rebranded Maxx Watt’s (formerly known as The Hi-Fi) played host to The Dillinger Escape Plan and newly signed prog-rock locals Caligula’s Horse for the final show of the tour. Julian Panetta was there and brings us these words and photos from the show:

Hello Asia! KOFFIA 2015 Film Review: A Matter of Interpretation (꿈보다 해몽) (South Korea, 2014)

Dreams are as mysterious and whimsical as life can be. Through A Matter of Interpretation (Hangul: 꿈보다 해몽), director, writer, and producer Lee Kwang-Kuk attempts to take the audience through a whimsical journey to explore the concept of dreams. The movie is made to be quite lighthearted and yet still intriguing. It offers a great cinematography that was a feast for the eyes, and full of symbolism that is quite a challenge to interpret, but of course that is only a part of the journey.

Live Review: Regurgitator + Godswounds + Mystery School - The Zoo, Brisbane (27.08.15)

After a two and a half year hiatus, Regurgitator has returned to the stage bringing their effervescent infectious energy with them. The Brisbane show marked their first stop of the tour, and it was like no time had passed at all!