Live Review: Seth Sentry + Tuka + Ellesquire - The Hi-Fi, Brisbane (25.05.13)

seth sentry

After touring around Australia for the past month, Seth Sentry's sold out Dear Science tour made it to The Hi-Fi in Brisbane on Saturday night for the final leg of the tour.

By 9pm, after the doors opened at 8pm, (and I had spent an hour awkwardly talking to the people I met in the line outside), everyone was pretty keen for someone to get on stage and get the show started. So when Ellesquire hit the stage, everybody was pretty happy and enthusiastic, even if some people didn’t know who he was, with many people saying “what’s this song?” or “oh yeah I know this” during the chorus. However he was good with keeping the audience entertained and energised.

Next up was Tuka, one third of the hip hop act Thundamentals. He managed to get the crowd jumping with his mix of hip-hop and dubstep toward the start of the set. Ellesquire came back out to join Tuka for the second half of the set, performing songs such as “Die A Happy Man.”

But we were all here for Seth Sentry. After DJ Sizzle came out and hyped up the audience now crammed into the venue, Seth came out and got right into performing “Float Away,” which was greeted by lots of loud cheering and singing along, followed seamlessly by “Vacation.” After the nerf gun came out and the audience was sprayed with water, Seth performed older songs such as “Train Catcher” and “Strange Lot”, with “Langolier’s Banquet” in between.

After “Campfire” Seth and DJ Sizzle paused to both put on white aprons and a chef’s hat, which was one of the many examples of how well the two worked together. They then launched into a song “dedicated to all the bartenders” “Thanks For Your Hospitality” followed by a crowd favourite “The Waitress Song.” The song showed how well Seth is able to interact with the audience, sticking the microphone into the audience taking people’s orders, and laughing with the person who requested the song before it was actually played. It really showed how Seth was comfortable with the audience and made for no awkward silences.

While DJ Sizzle got to show his talent without Seth singing, a fight broke out a few rows in front of me, which made it a bit unfortunate that the next song was Seth’s cover of Frenzal Rhomb’s “Punch In The Face.” However it wasn't too much of a distraction, as crowd pleasers “Room For Rent” and “My Scene” were next before Seth left, causing loud clapping and cheering for an encore. Returning to the stage after again being hyped up by DJ Sizzle, Seth performed the song about zombies “Where Was You (When The Dead Come Walkin’).” Ellesquire, Tuka and Brisbane’s Mr Hill (who earlier performed in Ellesquire’s set) came on stage for a freestyle set where they rapped about things the audience threw on stage, which included an asthma puffer, an old boarding pass and a joint which Tuka happily picked up.

The song also acted as a celebration as it was the final time all four people would be on stage for the tour. The final song was of course “Dear Science”, which ended with DJ Sizzle crowd surfing to the back of the room donning floaties, with the song posing the question why don’t we have hover boards yet? Come on science.