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EXY releases mixtape featuring Crucial Star

Starship X Entertainment, a sub-label of Starship Entertainment which focuses on hip-hop, released their rookie rapper EXY's mixtape yesterday. Crucial Star features in 'Wipe 'Em Out' and the track is available for free through Starship's official Youtube page.

Fly To The Sky to release a new song on the 14th

Fly To The Sky members Brian and Hwanhee have teased fans with a hint for their upcoming track which fans are speculating to be called 'Love & Hate'.

Win two round-trip flight tickets to Korea!

Imagine Your Korea is hosting the ‘Write Your Name in Korea’ event where individuals are encouraged to do just that: submit your name and have it engraved on Sang-Sang Gil (‘Imagination Road’) forever! Plus, just by participating and sharing the event through social media, you’re in the running to win two round-trip flight tickets to Korea! What are you waiting for? Take a look below for more details!

Hello Asia! Feature: Stars of TVB Australia Carnival 2015 speak about their participation at the event

Hong Kong television channel TVB held their annual TVB Australia Carnival 2015 at Burwood Park in Sydney. The annual event is a showcase of some of the best Chinese television talent from TVB's lineup from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. This year TVB has invited their Hong Kong drama stars Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong, Taiwanese lifestyle television host SaSa and China's Dax and Yali to the Carnival. Below is a transcript of what they said to the media at their press conference.

SEVENTEEN release ‘Boys Be’ comeback teaser images

Pledis Entertainment has recently revealed two teaser images for their rookie boy group SEVENTEEN's comeback. They also noted a date and time fans might want to jot into their calendars: the 10th of September, 12P.M.!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Choi Ye Geun – “Super Moon” (South Korea, 2015)

If you enjoyed ‘K-Pop Star 2’, you might remember high school student Choi Ye Geun whose smooth voice lead her into the Top 8 of the season! She’s back with an almost entirely self-composed and self-written jazz/R&B track. A sand artist features in the music video for the gorgeous 'Super Moon' – check it out below!

Ladies’ Code to release two songs in tribute to EunB and RiSe

Ladies’ Code suffered a tragedy in September of last year wherein a car accident took the precious lives of two of their members, EunB and RiSe. Almost a year later, Polaris Entertainment have revealed they will be releasing two songs in tribute to the two singers.

Hello Asia! KOFFIA 2015 Film Review - The Face Reader (South Korea, 2013)

Korean historical dramas are one of my favourite genres - their insight into Korean history, royal hierarchies and language are boundless, and they provide a visually rich and compelling landscape for stories much more relatable to a western audience than you'd expect. The Face Reader is no exception - enthralling, intriguing and most certainly entertaining. I've since found myself trying to read the faces of my housemates, clients and even my cat, but I've yet to have any luck.

Casting finalised for ‘Cheese In The Trap’

tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Cheese In The Trap’, based off the immensely popular webtoon of the same name, has been garnering a lot of attention in regards to whether its cast will be able to successfully capture the quirks and mannerisms of each of their characters. Check out the finalised casting list below and decide for yourself!

Hello Asia! Feature: Korean Music Chart Overview as of 2nd of Septemer

Hello Asia! takes a look at changes in the Korean music charts as of the 2nd of September. We look at three of the biggest charts from the industry: MCountdown, Naver and Gaon.

Hello Asia! KOFFIA 2015 Film Review: The Divine Move (South Korea, 2014)

Ever heard of the game "Go"? It's a board game that originated in China and was popularised in the west in the late 19th century, played with black and white stones, strategic like chess and with the ultimate goal of surrounding your opponent. They call it "baduk" in Korea, and I'd never heard of it until KOFFIA put this film on my radar. It looks innocent enough, until you've seen The Divine Move. Now I will forever associate this innocuous game with violence, bloodshed and revenge.

ONE OK ROCK announces 2016 "35xxxv" Asia Tour with 5 countries visited

World-renowned Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK is set to bring their music to Asia with the ONE OK ROCK 2016 “35xxxv” ASIA TOUR with stops in 5 Asian countries.

Hello Asia! Film Review: Attack on Titan (Japan, 2015)

There has been much anticipation surrounding the release of Madman's latest Japanese blockbuster, the first installment of the live action adaptation of cult hit manga and anime series Attack on Titan. Having screened around the country over the weekend, hundreds of anime fans flocked to theaters, many in cosplay - but while the avid lovers will avidly love, the film also left many disappointed, confused and underwhelmed.

Hello Asia! Interview: Alan Kuo (Taiwan) talks about passionate fans, doing different music & more!

Alan Kuo Taiwan rocker-singer-actor sits with Hello Asia! editor Johnny Au backstage at the Golden Melody Awards and discusses about his showcase performance, last album release, filming for dramas and more! Check out the interview below.

Hello Asia! KOFFIA 2015 Film Review: A Matter of Interpretation (꿈보다 해몽) (South Korea, 2014)

Dreams are as mysterious and whimsical as life can be. Through A Matter of Interpretation (Hangul: 꿈보다 해몽), director, writer, and producer Lee Kwang-Kuk attempts to take the audience through a whimsical journey to explore the concept of dreams. The movie is made to be quite lighthearted and yet still intriguing. It offers a great cinematography that was a feast for the eyes, and full of symbolism that is quite a challenge to interpret, but of course that is only a part of the journey.