Hello Asia! TV Drama Review: Three Days (South Korea 2014)

As a very picky drama watcher, it takes me a lot to start watching dramas faithfully. If the plot seems predictable with a cheesy romance storyline, even though the actor is promising, it would be unlikely for me to watch it. However, when the plot seems promisingly unpredictable and unique, you can bet I will watch (and re-watch) that drama.

Three Days is an interesting mix of thriller and mystery, offering plot twists after plot twists all the way to the last episode. The drama follows the story of a Korean Secret Service agent named Han Taekyung (Park Yoochun) trying to solve a mysterious case when the South Korean president, Lee Donghee (Son Hyunjoo), went missing. As Han Taekyung’s father had just passed away shortly due to a car accident before the disappearance of the president, little did he know that there was a larger case that connected all the incidents. This links back to an incident in 1998 in Yangjinri that caused some deaths, but the story was buried through time. Agent Han Taekyung proceeds to unveil the mystery with the help from a local police officer Yoon Bowon (Park Hasun), who made the accident report for Han Taekyung’s father’s death and received his last words about a file called “Confidential 98”. The story moved on with such plot twists that gave the viewers a hard time to trust some of the characters, as the lines between guilty and innocent were blurred throughout the drama.

One word that would best describe this drama is “intense”. Yes, watching one episode would leave you surprised with the character and the story developments. It was really hard to guess who was the bad guy and the good guy in this drama because the possibilities were endless. The way they aligned the storyline in this drama made it so much more interesting as there were a lot of flashbacks that appropriately placed to shed some light to the story. The story development was also quite fast-paced to keep the viewers hooked. Watching each episode would get viewers thinking, “Who is guilty? What is the truth? Can this character be trusted? Who is going to die next?”

Agent Han Taekyung was portrayed as a very strict and responsible character that took his job very seriously as a secret service agent. He was exactly how we imagine an agent would be; serious, sharp, intelligent, and good with guns and in combat. However, he was also a little bit repressed and hard on himself at times. It was very exciting to see the actions that Park Yoochun had to do in this drama, it could be seen that he trained himself really hard to portray a secret service agent. I would get very absorbed in the drama and believed that he was actually an agent in real life, proving how well developed his acting is. It was also interesting that his character got paired with Yoon Bowon, who was portrayed as very bubbly, optimistic, and curious. Even though she was just a local police officer, she had an incredible sense of justice, which made her extremely driven to solve this mystery. The dynamic between these two characters were developed really nicely and sometimes in a comical way.

The drama wraps up after 16 episodes, with an unpredictable ending. Three Days is an action jam-packed, mysterious drama that would make you glued into your seat in awe. If you like getting your mind blown by a drama, this is the drama to watch. (And seriously, who does not want to watch Park Yoochun looking very sharp and sexy as a secret service agent?)

Review score: 5 stars (out of 5)