Hello Asia! Live Review: Jay Chou - Allphones Arena, Sydney (11.04.13)

The King of Mandopop Jay Chou once again touched down in Sydney to perform one of his now exceptionally famous concerts and he didn’t disappoint his strong fan base in Australia. Jay is famous in the industry for having high expectations when it comes to performance, rehearsals and stage design and this was very obvious with the extreme choreography, pyrotechnics and band performance on display.

The Allphones Arena seemed full but the vacant seats was spread out so you couldn’t really see them. As with most Asian artist concerts the lights sticks were out in force providing a sea of purple. This resembled vast warriors waving around trying to swat imaginary flies and Jay Chou loved it. The show began with fire, fire and some more fire, while throwing in a couple of loud bangs and sparkles. If you like fire this would be the concert for you!

Jay sang a set of mostly his older songs and of course all of his fans screamed, waved around their glow sticks and lapped up every minute of his two hour stage time. The pure awe and wonder in his fans eyes was wonderful to see and I can understand why he continues to perform throughout the years. Who could walk away from those million puppy dog eyes.

Every song had it’s own dress change and new set of pyrotechnics and I assume most of the budget for this extravagant concert was spent on glitter and streamers. Along with the great visuals and stage set, his entourage was impressive with 8 male backup dancers and 6 females along with a full rock band and an acapella crew.

Speaking of his entourage, they almost outshone Jay. The talent that came out of the people hiding in the background most of the night was outstanding. The acapella crew that did one of Jays famous songs absolutely stunned the crowd with their beat boxing and singing skills with the main theme hitting the 1950’s golden era. Jay's fans couldn’t stop cheering, except when Jay came back on stage to take over the screaming reached a little bit of a higher pitch.

The production cost, effort and design put into this concert could rival Beyonce or any other major western artist. The only thing I found odd was the massive screen at the back of the audience section with the lyrics displayed and a countdown timer for Jay to be aware when to expect the fire. This type of thing is actually very normal however it’s not usually as obvious as this. Maybe Jay's been performing so long he doesn’t really care about being discreet?

Overall the concert can only be described as……Jay Chou. It was his authentic Chinese heritage style made into a modern twist. The performance lacked anything sexy or raunchy but rather it exuded charm, chivalry and power. Jay Chou brought his cultural love for his country with him to Australia and the fans absolutely adored it.