Hello Asia! Live Review: BTS Live Trilogy Ep2: The Red Bullet “Second Half” – The Roundhouse, Sydney (10.07.15)

The cold and rain couldn’t stop the Sydney ARMYs from lining up from 7am on Friday morning in preparation for BTS (Bangtan Boys)) hitting the stage 7:30pm that evening. And it was well worth the wait, for the boys of BTS proved they are indeed the talented bulletproof live performers we all know them to be!

In the style of most K-Pop concerts the concert opened, closed and was interspersed with VCRs. The setting of the VCRs seems to be in a creepy rundown warehouse/classroom, with BTS sitting a desks being bellowed at by an aggressive looking teacher. The boys seem fed up with the treatment and leave, returning and looking fierce dressed in bulletproof vests. Now these are our boys! Fierce and ready for action! Not sure if it was really necessary to blow the place up though, was it Bangtan? *eyebrow raise*

Never mind, it was time! With a bang the boys were finally on stage and everybody sang “N.O!” (even though we were all screaming YES!). They moved straight into the Bangtan introduction song "We Are Bulletproof pt 2", and then things really didn’t slow down the entire concert! The boys moved from song to song rapidly, performing their epic chorography spot on every time. I knew the boys were incredible dancers, but it was insane how they have such detailed choreo and performed it flawlessly for all 24 songs.

This was the evening’s setlist:

We Are Bulletproof pt 2.
We On
Hiphop Phile
Let Me Know
Just One Day
Look Here
No More Dream
Miss Right
I Like It
If I Ruled The World (Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope only)
Killer (Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope only)
War of Hormone
I Need U
Boy In Luv
Boyz With Fun
Attack On Bangtan

A couple of my personal highlights of the evening were “Tomorrow” because the boys really nailed that moody feel on stage; “War of Hormone” and “Danger”, which were played one after the after and were big, loud and dramatic; “If I Ruled The World” and “Killer”, the rapper’s solo because those three boys have such a great stage presence; and “Dope”, because well damn that song is insanely epic live. I got a feel, I got a feel!

The boys also seemed to have a lot of fun on stage, and spent the entire concert talking in English. Rap Monster is quite fluent, but the others tried really hard and were pretty good! J-Hope especially talked a lot, as usual <3 They all got us to sing-a-long karoke style to “Miss Right”, which the crowd screamed despite most of the lyrics being in Korean. An ARMY’s passion isn’t stopped by language barriers! They also had an onstage Kai Bai Bo tournament, and with a fierce final battle between RapMon and Jungkook, RapMon came out victorious and Jungkook had to do a gwiyomi dance as punishment. Just as well he’s an epic girl dance master!

One thing I will note is that there wasn’t a whole lot more audience interaction than the above, there just hardly seemed to be time! The boys flew through from song to song, and their choreography didn’t really allow for them to have many flexible moments of interaction through the songs. They did spend time towards the end saying individual thank-yous and goodbyes, which was really nice. Rap Monster told us all about how he had come to New Zealand on exchange during school and had always wanted to visit Australia, going on to explain that they all thought the environment here was really great and the people too. Hopefully that means they’ll come back soon!

Bangtan really proved themselves as amazing performers during this concert- their vocalists sound spot on (V can really make that husky growling sound!), their rappers are incredible live (Suga is really charismatic), and their dancing is just so impressively in sync.

The concert built up towards an extravaganza of a finale- with songs having blasts of white paper, airbursts of gold and silver confetti and a final big bluster of streamers that sprayed everywhere as the boys closed with “Attack on Bangtan”. One by one BTS left the stage, until it was just Jimin dancing all by himself and V had to came back on to drag him off.

We feel you Jimin, we wish it could have kept going too!

Over to you Melbourne! ^.^


BTS will be performing tomorrow night (Sunday 12th July) in Melbourne at the Plenary. All tickets sold out.