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AAA announces release date for new single and best-of album

AAA will simultaneously release their 50th single and a best-of album (currently untitled) on September 16.

SCANDAL to release new single titled 'Sisters'

SCANDAL has announced they will be releasing a new single 'Sisters' on September 9.

SMAP announces new single to mark CD debut day

SMAP has revealed the group will be releasing a new single on September 9.

More details revealed for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's upcoming Halloween-themed single

More details have been revealed for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's new single 'Crazy Party Night -Pumpkin no Gyakushu-' to be released on September 2.

B1A4 release comeback music video teaser

Get ready because the sweet boys of B1A4 are almost back – and they’re bringing an orchestra with them! Their previously released track-list teaser has already let fans catch a glimpse of the magnificent instruments that accompany each song, and the music video teaser boasts retro vibes and gorgeous pink, purple and blue hues. Take a look below!

VIXX drops mysterious countdown timer

Korean boy group VIXX has released a countdown timer on their official website.

BIGBANG Ticket Prices Announced for Sydney Show

Ticket prices for BIGBANG's Sydney show have been revealed via the show's promoter Award Entertainment.

BIGBANG video message for Australian tour

BIGBANG has just released a greeting message for all their Australian fans in anticipation of their upcoming BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR [MADE] IN AUSTRALIA tour.

BIGBANG Ticket Prices Announced For Melbourne Show

Ticket prices for BIGBANG's Melbourne show have been revealed via the show's promoter Live Nation.

Indonesian feature film ‘A Copy of My Mind’ invited to 72nd Venice International Film Festival

Indonesian feature film A Copy of My Mind, directed by Joko Anwar, has been invited to the Orizzonti section of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. Co-produced by CJ Entertainment (the film division of media and content company CJ E&M) and Indonesia’s Lo-Fi Flicks, the movie marks their first collaboration together.

Chinese film ‘Mr. Six’ to close 72nd Venice International Film Festival

Chinese action comedy film Mr. Six (老跑儿) (previously known as ‘Fading Wave’) will be closing the 72nd Venice International Film Festival in an out-of-competition screening on September 12.

AKB48 releases short PV for “Halloween Night”

J-Pop idol supergroup AKB48 have released the short version PV for 'Halloween Night', which will be released on August 26! If you’re in an early Halloween mood, you can watch it below.

Cheetah releases three MV teasers for ‘My Number’

Fierce rapper Cheetah has dropped three teaser videos for her new MV ‘My Number’, to be released on August 2. It will be her first single since taking out the 'Unpretty Rapstar' crown earlier this year. Featuring dance team Pinky Cheeks, the styling is bold and brash, the beat strong and her rapping on point – seems like the track could be as badass as the lady herself! If you’re curious, you can check the videos out below!

SHINee releases individual teaser images and further comeback details

SHINee has unveiled their individual teaser images and further information regarding their August 3 comeback with ‘Married to the Music’! You can check out all the pictures (featuring their signature avant-garde, artistic style) and details below!

Pre-Sale and General ticket sales for BIGBANG Sydney and Melbourne concerts has been announced

One of Asia's biggest pop acts and K-Pop biggest group BIGBANG has announced the pre-sale and general ticket sale dates for their 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’ in Australia. Pre-sale tickets go on sale on Wednesday 5th August at 12noon and Hello Asia has all the ticketing information you need.