BIGBANG Release LOSER & BAE BAE - Announce 15-Country World Tour Including The Americas

It’s been 3 years since BIGBANG’s ‘ALIVE’ album and the band finally returns with [M], the first in a series of drops from their forthcoming album ‘MADE’. Starting May 1st (Korea Standard Time) and on the 1st day of the next 4 months, BIGBANG will drop a release featuring more than one song, each representing a letter from the forthcoming album title ‘MADE’. May 1st will see the release of [M] and will include the singles ‘LOSER’ and ‘BAE BAE’ and in September the complete ‘MADE’ album will be released in full. This is a hugely anticipated event for the return of BIGBANG which is arguably, one of Asia’s most influential music acts.

“LOSER” was produced by YG Main Producer - Teddy, along with Taeyang and written by Teddy, T.O.P. and G-Dragon. It’s a hip-hop/R&B track with a slow tempo and emotional melody. The video that accompanies the track which was filmed in Los Angeles is emotional telling 5 different stories of hardship and pain, living the life of a loser.

“BAE BAE” was written and produced by Teddy, G-Dragon and T.O.P. and is a mash-up of hip-hop, rock & R&B. The accompanying music video is colorful and futuristic like a dream in another world.

BIGBANG performed for sold-out 2 back-to-back nights on April 25 and 26th in Seoul to kick off their ‘MADE’ World Tour which will continue until 2016, travelling across 15 countries including Asia and the Americas, performing 70 shows for 1.4 million international fans. The 3-minute trailer is as dynamic as a blockbuster film, hinting at the scale of the tours production. Filmed in the US over four days with more than 100 top-class production staff including Ed Burke, a long-time Videographer and Performance Director for Beyonce, worked as the Creative and Visual Director, while Dkeil Lemash who shot campaigns for Ralph Lauren worked as the Photography Director. Jonathan Lea who has produced music videos for Kanye West, Beyonce and Madonna, was a Producer in addition to the talents of Nino Pansini of the Fast & Furious series who choreographed the car scenes.