Annual TVB Australia Carnival is coming to Sydney in August!

Hong Kong's largest TV station is hosting its annual TVB Australia Carnival 2015 on Saturday 29th of August at Burwood Park.

Every year for the 'Australian TVB Carnival' TVB would invite Hong Kong's most popular artistes along to the venue. This year TVB will bring Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong and TVBS' host of 'Super Taste' SaSa along to the venue to meet and play games with together. The date of the event will be on a Saturday, the 29th of August at Sydney, Burwood Park.

The attendees of the event are:

Kenneth Ma

An actor under TVB management, he is currently starring in upcoming Hong Kong period-drama 'Rogue Emperor'. He is known for his good-looks and charismatic acting.

Natalie Tong

An actress under TVB management, she starred in Hong Kong modern legal drama 'Raising the Bar' and has received a lot of attention for her brilliant acting.


An actress, model and television host from Taiwan, she is currently one of the host's on TVBS' show 'Super Taste'.

Event Details

TVB Australia Carnival 2015

Date: Saturday, 29th of August 2015
Venue: Burwood Park, Burwood NSW

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