Hello Asia! Interview: Kimberley Chen (Melbourne) talks about working in Taiwan, her third album and training with JYP

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au chats to Melbourne born, Taiwan based Chinese pop artist Kimberley Chen. Based in Taiwan for the past 5 years, Kimberley Chen has released two albums in Taiwan ("Kimberley Chen" and "Kimbonomics"). She is a rising star in the Chinese music world. With over 1.2 million followers on her Facebook page, Kimberley Chen is also a prolific user of social media to engage with her fans around the world.

In the first part of our interview Kimberley Chen talks about how she ended up working in Taiwan, her two album releases, appearance at the upcoming Music Wave festival on Bondi Beach, third album mix tape and her collaboration with US Chinese artist Dawen.

In the second part of our interview Kimberley Chen speaks about her time as a trainee at Korean company JYP Entertainment in New York, her plans for the rest of 2014 and a message for her fans around the world.

Check out Kimberley Chen's latest M/V "我會再想你 Acoustic Version". The original version appears on Kimberley's second album "Kimbonomics"

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