Hello Asia! Feature: Introducing J-Rock Artist Acid Black Cherry

Let us introduce one of the darkest, sexiest performers to come out of Japan. Originally from Osaka, this solo artist was once apart of Visual Kei band Janne Da Arc. Janne Da Arc was a chart topping progressive rock band of sorts. Lead vocalist Yasu pursued a solo career and prefers to go by the name Acid Black Cherry (often known as ABC) and has been performing solo since 2007. This baby faced angelic artist is 39 years old and continues the Japanese tradition of artists looking young.

Acid Black Cherry doesn’t often perform live however he is famous for preforming secret shows and pop up events. In 2007 when Acid Black Cherry went on a secret nation-wide tour of Japan and had the event webcast live to the world.

Although the idol includes many covers of famous artist’s B-side track on his albums, his first song to instantly hit number 1 on the Oricon Singles Chart was only his 4th single ‘Fuyu no Maboroshi’. He has since pumped out 3 studio albums, 3 cover albums, 1 live album and 18 singles with a new single recently released on March 11 ‘Kimi Ga Inai, Ano Hi Kara’.

There’s not much known about Yasu, his life is extremely secretive but you can enjoy small snippets of his professional career through his exclusive photo book ‘Acid Black Cherry Yasu Live Photo book’. You can see in the book his stage charisma and his sex appeal skyrockets with every show. Acid Black Cherry has been seen performing with fellow dark gods like Daigo from BREAKERZ and legendary performer Hyde, you can definitely tell he’s one of the best products to come out of Japan with musical friends like that.

Lately Yasu has not produced much original content recently, only a cover album released in 2013 ‘Recreation 3’ however we know he’s still around, Hello Asia! Recently ran into him in Tokyo at a secret pop up show. His die-hard fans found his famous tour truck though. He did perform one of his very rare performances at the ‘Ongaku to Higetaci 2014-Rock’n Roll STADIUM’, which was his first official appearance in 2 years. Despite his anti-public image, you can actually look forward to a new single, released in October however not named at the moment, however we have high hopes for Acid Black Jerry.

You can check out his latest show at a-nation stadium festival powered by Jelly and see for yourself why Japan keeps its title as 2nd largest music market in the world.