Hello Asia! KWave Festival 2014 - Federation Square, Melbourne (06.09.14)

It was the first Saturday of Spring, and Melbourne put on the sparkle for the second annual KWave Festival; a great celebration of Korea's rich and wonderfully diverse culture.

Last year, thousands of fans flocked to the iconic CBD location, attracting onlookers and passersby through a wide variety of modern and traditional performances. Headlined by Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi, the first KWave festival was an incredible success, and this year was no different. People of all different nationalities and ages came from all over Melbourne, descending upon Federation Square for a solid eight hours of non-stop Korean Pop.

Fans and enthusiasts alike clad in their fan-girl and fan-boy best had created a substantial crowd before the midday official opening, a gathering that only continued to grow throughout the day. Some were carrying banners as they enthusiastically perused their latest K-Pop purchases, or cheerfully cheered on the local talent in a vast variety of performances.

Festival attendee's were spoilt for choice with a smorgasbord of dining options with everything from sizzling hot fried chicken to deliciously spicy tteokbokki and kimchi fried rice available at a vast variety of stalls showcasing Melbourne's best Korean food.

The grand finale of K-Wave 2014 was ushered in by thousands of screams and squeals; special guest star, Eric Nam, confidently sauntered onto the stage with a sense of effortless charm and charisma. Fans were treated to almost a whole thirty minutes of Eric in his pitch-perfect, butt-shaking, multi-lingual glory. While he refused to give any specific details, the K-Pop star and television presenter hinted at a possible return to Australia before the end of year!

Just who might be next year's special guest is anyone's guess, but one thing is most definitely certain - KWave 2015 is set to exceed expectations once again, having truly made its mark as one of the great international festivals in Melbourne.

Photo Credit: SQ Entertainment