Hello Asia! New Music Video Review: CL Feat Diplo, RiFF RAFF & OG Maco "Doctor Pepper " (South Korea, 2015)

We've always known CL of 2NE1 would one day expand her kingdom to America and fearlessly rule the world with her raps. Now she's swept clean Korean pop charts and awards, that day has finally come. The biggest, baddest K-Pop heroine showed the world what she's made of with her first full English rap track titled "Doctor Pepper".

Showing off clean, chill and refreshing raps that are solid and constant, "Doctor Pepper" embraces more American sound elements than its defining and more climatic Korean pop counterpart. Needless to say it is only apt for "Doctor Pepper" to sound more American and less Korean in order to appeal to American audience. However, for me the song falls rather short in comparison to her previous works. After much hype and long anticipation prior to the release, I'd expected to see a more creative blend of American and K-pop sound complemented with her signature meaningful and powerful lyrical content from the K-Pop superstar.

Though the lyrics of the track do not make much sense the song easily becomes addictive and easy to sing along to when accompanied with solid and repetitive beats. The music video seems to fit her long awaited American debut too. It shows off CL's admirable attitude that asks for no one's approval, and strong personality - something we always admire about her. Through the use and display of various pop culture icons, both Eastern and Western, the video also showcases her multicultural background and identity as an individual and a pop star.

The video is not something K-Pop is used to, not only because it is filled with highly sensual visuals, heaps of booty close up shots and suggestive dance moves, but also because it lacks structure and highly synchronised choreography that are featured in most K-Pop videos. Most importantly the video does not only go hand in hand with the lyrics of the song, it also highlights and maintains CL's image and brand as the biggest, baddest and coolest female in the K-Pop scene.

All in all, CL has decided to break through America's pop chart in ways we did not expect with "Doctor Pepper", and we must admit her moving away from conformity have its benefits. The contrast of music practice and presentation reminds us about how K-Pop negatively impact society and identity with its highly scripted (and plastic) perfection.

Review score: 7 out or 10.


Doctor Pepper is out now.