Hello Asia! New Music Video Review: BIGBANG - "LET'S NOT FALL IN LOVE" (South Korea, 2015)

World's most famous K-Pop act, BIGBANG completes the last fragment of their M.A.D.E album project with the release of a ironically sweet and bright track titled "Let's Not Fall in Love".

Written and composed by member G-Dragon, "Let's Not Fall in Love" is a bright track that explores the burden and worries of falling in love. Like "If You", it is one of those rare mid-tempo songs Bigbang flaunts. And like the mellow "If You", we get to hear T.O.P sings! Two of our favourites in one, we could really get used to it you know.

The lyrical content contrasts a guy's cute moment of falling in love and his selfish desire to hold on to the feeling for as long as possible - ending up with nothing but tears and broken hearts. Acting as a complement of the lyrics, the music video highlights the happiness of falling in love through the use of bright colours, and fun and innocent depictions of dates, which is contradicted by the close up shots that emphasise the member's worried faces. While the under exposed and dreamy tone reflects the video as fragments of a memory.

Also the use of conversation that sounds as if it comes from the other end of a telephone saying, "You're always like that", "Sorry it's not you, it's me", and "You selfish Bastard", adds depth and emotion to the song. We know "Let's Not Fall in Love" would easily becomes everyone's favourites.

Review score: 8 out of 10

Let's Not Fall in Love is out now