Hello Asia! Album Review: Girls' Generation - Mr. Mr. (Korea 2014)

The queens of K-Pop, So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD), or better known as Girls’ Generation, are finally back for their return song in 2014! The long-awaited and much-expected comeback is here with a very interesting concept of surgeons and nurses with a touch of shocking pink apparatuses and glamorous accessories.

Along with the released single and music video, they also released their 4th mini album (or EP) with the same title, Mr. Mr. Still with their original nine members, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun, Girls’ Generation offers a more mature, classy concept for their return. The EP consists of six tracks that sounded versatile yet catchy in different ways.

Mostly known for their bubbly and cheerful songs, Girls’ Generation showcased a more mature image for this EP, showing off their strong vocals in different arrays of song genres. With just six tracks, Mr. Mr. is an efficiently colourful EP that showcases different colours of Girls’ Generation. “Mr.Mr.” as a single is a fun electro-pop track with heavy electronic scratches and pounding percussions, “Goodbye” is a sweet pop song with sugary melodies, “Europa” is a dreamy disco-pop song that is catchy yet light and fun, “Wait a Minute” is a bouncy jazzy-pop with beautiful harmonisations, “Back Hug” is a slow-paced R&B song that tells a story about getting a back hug from their loved one, whereas “Soul” is a fast, dance pop song, which was originally recorded in Mandarin for the online game Blade & Soul 2013 promotion. If you listen to the whole EP in order, you can feel that the EP starts with a strong dance song with heavy beats, and then it proceeds to calm you down with the next tracks. “Europa” is the best song out of all the tracks in this EP in my opinion, but “Mr. Mr.” does sound like a worthy track chosen to be the single.

The EP release had to be postponed, as there were problems with the data loss for the music video, causing a little bit of a delay for both the EP and the music video release date. It was postponed for around two weeks from the announced schedule. The EP debuted at number 110 on Billboard 200 charts, which was the highest debut number for Girls’ Generation so far. The physical album is a quite thick box and it has a photo book of Girls’ Generation inside, but there was no individual member covers like you would usually get for other albums so the back cover has the photos of all the members instead of just one.

The music video was released on the 28th February 2014, with the concept revolving around glamorous medical settings. Girls’ Generation were dressed up as doctors, surgeons, and nurses in fancy shocking pink outfits and medical tools as they looked like they were saving this man. The whole music video gave off a retro yet futuristic feel with the effects and the props that were used. There was not a clear story line involved in the music video, even though it seemed like an interesting concept that could elicit exciting story lines. There were some parts that were a bit off-concept as well when they were dancing in the car park and when they were dancing in suits and fedoras. However, they all looked amazing and their dresses for the last dancing scene looked beautiful. Different from their previous music videos that heavily showcase their catchy dance moves, this music video did not show as many dance parts to it except for the chorus bit and focused more on the close up shots.