Hello Asia! Feature: The Temasek Club in Sydney celebates Chinese New Year with their annual dinner

Last night the Singaporean Temasek Club in Sydney celebrated the New Year with their annual Chinese New Year banquet dinner. Hello Asia writer Kat Czornij was invited by the Temasek Club to experience their Chinese New Year celebration and the delicious food on offer.

Photo Gallery: Soundwave Festival feat ONE OK ROCK - Sydney Olympic Park (28.02.15)

Japanese superstar rock act ONE OK ROCK performed a blistering set at Soundwave Festival in Sydney yesterday. Enjoy our special photo gallery of ONE OK ROCK in action at Sydney Olympic Park. Photos by Johnny Au.

CJ E&M's brand new singing talent show "I Can See Your Voice"

CJ E&M has launched a new type of singing talent show, titled I Can See Your Voice, where contestants compete to prove that they have what it takes to be “recognized” as talented singers.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: Neon Pop - Cultural Forecourt Southbank, Brisbane (28.02.15)

It was a night of cosplay, colour and culture at Southbank's cultural forecourt for the annual Neon Pop party as part of the BrisAsia Festival. Erin Smith brings you these photos.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: EXILE - "Dance into Fantasy" (Japan, 2015)


J-pop boy band classics EXILE have dropped a new feel-good dance track called "Dance into Fantasy". With a colourful kaleidoscopic MV featuring solo dance cuts of all 19 members and a super-catchy chorus, this song will have you on your feet in no time.

Hello Asia! IFF 2015: Indonesian Film Festival 2015 Short Film Competition Judges Profiles

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the theme for the Indonesian Film Festival - 8th Short Film Competition is set in accordance to the festival’s grand theme - “Another Face of Indonesia” where filmmakers are to exhibit the rich and diverse culture of Indonesia to the world. Judging sessions will be held Mr Gaston Soehadi, Mr Edwin Jurriens and Ms Titien Wattimena, whom are highly regarded and experienced in both Indonesian culture and filmmaking.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: NU'EST - "I'm Bad" (South Korea, 2015)

After quite a long wait, NU'EST have made their comeback with "I'm Bad"! Different from their previous songs, "I'm Bad" shows off their mature side through this incredibly catchy song that will make you forgive them for being such bad boys. I know I will forgive them! Check out the new music video!

CJ E&M unveils Digital Studio featuring top K-Culture personalities

CJ E&M has launched Digital Studio to expand its entertainment business to the digital realm. Featuring top independent content creators and personalities of K-Culture, several shows have already garnered a total of 31 million views online.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Nochang, Vasco, Junggigo, No.Mercy - "Hieut" (South Korea, 2015)

Korean hip-hop all-stars Nochang, Vasco, Junggigo and No.Mercy have teamed up to create "Hieut", with a dark video and a slow, grinding beat.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: SHINHWA - "Sniper" (South Korea, 2015)

Shinhwa have finally made their return with their recent single, "Sniper"! They brought along their maturity and oh so inconceivable sexiness in this music video. Believe me, you will find yourself whistling (or humming, if you can't whistle like me) to the song because it gets stuck in your head. Not to mention, the video is full with beautiful and metaphorical concepts, so check it out!

KTown Cowboys releases trailer ahead of their SXSW premiere

American-Korean film Ktown Cowboys has released their trailer in anticipation to its world premiere at SXSW on March 15 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. Originally started as a web series on YouTube about life in Los Angele's Ktwon through the eyes of American-Koreans, the full length feature was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 and raised $13,750 of their $10K goal. Ktown Cowboys is produced by Brian Chung, Greg Bishop and Daniel Sollinger and is directed by Daniel Park.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: DIV - "Secret Night" (Japan, 2015)


Hello Asia! visual kei favourites DIV are back with one of our favourite tracks from VK so far this year, "Secret Night" - a dark, electro-infused rock track with a driving chorus and a fittingly dark nighttime-in-the-city themed MV.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Spyair - "Rockin' Out" (Japan, 2015)


Japanese alt-rock quartet SPYAIR have released "Rockin' Out", a pumping new track with a space-age video full of anime-style motorbike racing and one very killer bass solo.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mondai Girl (Japan, 2015)

Harajuku princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released her awaited new track "Mondai Girl" for Fuji Television drama series A Restaurant With Many Problems. Enjoy the Preview Version of the KPP track!

Hello Asia! Feature: Profiling the 7 artists playing K-Pop Night Out 2015 at SXSW in Austin, Texas

The K-Pop Night Out Korean music showcase is back for its third year at SXSW. Held on Thursday, March 19th at Elysium (705 Red River), the KOCCA sponsored event will again showcase the best of Korean music. From DJ/Producer (Hitchhiker), K-Pop (Crayon Pop), Hip Hop (Epik High) to 1950s doo-wop (The Barberettes) and Korean indie rock, The K-Pop Night Out showcase will again be an anticipated event on the SXSW calendar. The team at Hello Asia has profiled the 7 artists showcasing this year.