Hello Asia!! New Music Video: Royal Pirates "Love Toxic" (South Korea, 2014)

Korean trio Royal Pirates dropped their new MV "Love Toxic" last night. With loads of classy sexy scenes from a club in Korea, the band can be seen rocking out to the song while brushing past adoring girls.

Hello Asia! Feature: Introducing J-Rock group VAMPS

Let us introduce the Vampire gods of Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll. VAMPS have recently caught our eye (a bit late in the game), and so we wanted to show you just how hot J-Pop and rock can be.

Broken Doll (Japan) to Launch GOMA's Future Beauty Up Late: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion Series

Broken Doll

Japanese rock four-piece Broken Doll are set to bring their 80s-inspired j-rock sounds and colourful Harajuku fashion to Australia for three shows in November, including the GOMA Future Beauty Up Late exhibition in Brisbane.

Hello Asia! Feature: Top 10 Japanese Music Industry Breadwinners

Japanese Pop can be credited to developing the Asian Pop scene, even though recently the international hype has died down a little bit, that doesn't mean the breadwinners of J-Pop aren’t still around and pumping out platinum hit after hit. Here are the top 10 best selling J-Pop artists of all time.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: SISTAR "I Swear" (South Korea, 2014)

The girls of SISTAR is back with another comeback not long after their smash hit "Touch My Body". This brand new MV is called "I Swear" and the video reminds us of their previous summer hit "Loving U" where we see the girls in an undisclosed American city. This time we see the girls spending a day together in an expensive convertible. In the subsequent scenes we see SISTAR shopping it up at a supermarket, shaking their butts to a stunning sunset, washing their car with pink foam, lapping it up in a pool and finishing the clip in the night time. We wouldn't mind spending a day like SISTAR did!

Hello Asia! KOFFIA 2014 Film Review: The Terror Live (더 테러 라이브) (South Korea, 2014)

The Terror Live is not your conventional movie, with a low budget and basically one visual set. With this in mind it didn’t have me running to the cinema in anticipation. I had heard the film was mainly shot in a TV studio, and being a fan of action films, I wasn’t too excited to watch a one set movie. Thankfully director Kim Byung-Woo delivers with an absolute compacted thriller.

Hello Asia! Interview: Australian songwriter Louis Schoorl reflects on working with K-Pop Superstars Girls' Generation

the AU review's Larry Heath spoke to APRA Music Awards Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year Louis Schoorl. Louis penned Girls' Generation track "My-Oh-My" in Sweden last year with Erik Lewander and Ylva Dimberg of The Kennel. "My-Oh-My" was released as a single on November 2013 and it was as featured on Girls' Generation's Japanese album "Love & Peace". Louis reflects on his time working with the Korean superstars.

Hello Asia! Feature: K-Pop Communities in Australia

Australia is no stranger when it comes to fan communities and events run by fans for fans. With events like the K-Pop Summit run by Crossover Dance Studios, dance jams, dance battles and all the different cover contests; our community is becoming stronger than ever.

Hello Asia! Chinese News Weekly: 26th August 2014

In This Issue: A round up of the best Chinese entertainment news from around the world for the week ending 26th August 2014.

Hello Asia! Interview: BTS - Bangtan Boys (South Korea) discuss KCON, meeting Warren G and favourite foods

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au caught up with one of K-Pop's best rookies groups this year - BTS (Bangtan Boys). Johnny spoke to BTS backstage at KCON before they appeared on the second night of M! Countdown in LA. BTS spoke about their KCON experiences, meeting Coolio & Warren G, their time at Disneyland, who in the group can do a sexy concept, bantered about their favourite foods, wanting to visit Australia and of course their fans ARMYs. TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Hello Asia! Interview: DJ JUICY (Japan) talks about the no dancing law

Currently one of Japan's most influential DJ's, DJ JUICY made her sensational debut in '09 and immediately grabbed the attention of the club scene and gained massive popularity with her music, playing Hip Hop, R&B and even EDM.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Chubbiness - "Manmadieya" (Japan, 2014)

Chubbiness, a new Japanese girl group with ten "chubby" members as the group name states, had just released their first single! The catchy tunes of "Manmadieya" and the cute music video will sure put a smile on your face because these girls are just so adorable. Also, we get to see them enjoy food and dance in the music video, so check it out!

Hello Asia! Interview: Mamamoo (South Korea) talks Mr. Ambiguous and questions about Australia

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au travelled to Seoul, South Korea to meet rookie girl group Mamamoo. Mamamoo has been one of the rising stars in K-Pop this year after their fabulous debut track "Mr. Ambiguous" gained popularity with K-Pop fans. Mamamoo spoke to Johnny just before their appearance on the weekly show Music Bank. Mamamoo spoke about "Mr. Ambiguous", the star studded lineup in the music video, remembering their days as trainees, life as K-Pop rookies, questions about Australia and plans for their next comeback. TURN ON YOUR CAPTIONS FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: K-Pop Dance Contest 2014 in Sydney - UNSW Science Theatre (23.08.14)

The Korean Cultural Office held theior annual K-Pop Dance Contest 2014 in Sydney yesterday at the UNSW Science Theatre. 12 teams battled it out for the first prize which have a chance to enter the contest called ‘K-Pop World Festival’ that will be selected by an expert judge panels. If selected, progress to the final stage of ‘K-Pop World Festival 2014’ in Korea will be rewarded in October. The winner was dance group K.OTIC (pictured above). Special guests included Dami Im and B-boy Blond. Photos by Johnny Au

High Touch Event for B1A4 Melbourne and Sydney concert announced

Details for the High Touch event at B1A4's Melbourne and Sydney concert has been announced by the concert promoter JK Entertainment. The merchandise on sale has also been announced.