Hello Asia! Japanese Film Festival 2014 Review: A Drop of the Grapevine (ぶどうのなみだ) (Japan, 2014)

“Earth is all that live here.”

The magic of Japanese cinema is its vibrant, often startling diversity; perhaps most favoured for samurai action flicks, or dream-like anime films, Japanese filmmakers have become synonymous with movie masterpieces. More prominently, however, dramas have similarly come to the fore; following the 2012 film Bread of Happiness, Yukiko Mishima’s A Drop of the Grapevine is the second of three “Hokkaido Plan” films, a trilogy that is set within the densely rich natural environment of (yep, you guessed it) Hokkaido!

Global fans to decide where Ailee, Jay Park and San E will perform in March 2015

Three of Korea’s hottest musicians – critically acclaimed K-Pop soloists Ailee, entertainer and AOMG owner Jay Park, and smash hit rapper San E – are coming together for the first time ever for a world tour in March 2015, with all stops to be selected by fans via crowdfunding site Krowdpop. Krowdpop, KPOP UNITED, YMC Entertainment, AOMG, and Brand New Music are proud to present the UNITE THE MIC tour.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Nightmare - "Blur" (Japan, 2014)


Visual kei legends Nightmare have released a video for their 15th anniversary single "Blur", due out on January 1st. It's a strong combination of hard rock, electronica and dance, with a simple filmic-style chiaroscuro video.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Jolin Tsai - "We're All Different, Yet the Same" (Taiwan, 2014)

Taiwanese songstress Jolin Tsai's new music video, "We're All Different, Yet the Same" is a touching and elegant piece in support of marriage equality, and a beautifully reserved and poignant pop ballad. In the music video, Jolin Tsai is in a relationship with actress Ruby Lin. The relationship in the music video itself is based on a real life lesbian couple in Taiwan who has been together for more than 30 years. When one of the couple fell ill and was hospitalised, her partner could not sign any of the consent forms since Taiwanese law does not recognise same sex relationships. The music video hopes to highlight the inequality in the law and create debate and discussion around this topic.

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014 Photo Gallery: Mini Concert - AsiaWorld Expo (03.12.14)

The Mnet Asian Music Awards created a special 'Mini Concert' stage for fans to see some of the best up and coming K-Pop artists performing before the actual awards ceremony. Playing at this mini concert stage was BTS, AOA and Block B. Our editor Johnny Au was invited by MAMA to photograph the day and these are his pictures from the Mini Concert.

Hello Asia! Interview: U-KISS (South Korea) talk about their new member Jun and 'Quit Playing' MV

Hello Asia speaks with K-Pop boy group U-KISS during their Japan national tour recently. The members of U-KISS introduced their newest member; rapper and vocalist JUN. Jun spoke about the training difficulties for his U-KISS debut and how grateful he is of the support from the other members of U-KISS. The members also tell us 'Neverland' and 'She's Mine' as their favourite songs to perform live. We also touched on the member's thoughts on shooting the controversial music video to 'Quit Playing'.

Hello Asia! Arts Review: Yang Fudong: Filmscapes - ACMI, Melbourne (Exhibition open to 15th March 2015)

“In ancient Chinese painting, there has always been an emphasis on liu bai – what’s left undrawn on the paper. For me, no matter whether I am making a video or a film, the same idea applies… The undrawn part in a work is there for audiences to engage with, using their imagination for viewing and interpretation.” - Yang Fudong

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Back-On - "Cerulean" (Japan, 2014)


J-rock four-piece Back-On have released the music video for their new track "Cerulean", the opening theme for anime Gundam Build Fighters Try, ahead of the release of their 4th album Reload on December 17. The music video features a montage of footage from Back-On's live shows.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: PrizmaX - "Fantasista" (Japan, 2014)


Clean-cut Japanese boy group PrizmaX show off their language skills in "Fantasista", a 100% English language track with a cute and simple dance video to match.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: J.Slow - "Slow Motion" (South Korea, 2014)


Korean rapper J.Slow is all about dirty saxophone, 90s-style synth stabs and gas masks in his new track and video, "Slow Motion".

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Nell - "Green Nocturne" (South Korea, 2014)


South Korean indie four-piece Nell's "Green Nocturne" is a mellow and tranquil track perfect for, as the name suggests, winter nights, with a beautifully contemplative music video to match.

VideAU Games News Byte: Sony to release PS4 in China

ps4 logo

Sony is finally launching it’s PlayStation 4 console in China. The console will be launching alongside it’s handheld cousin, PlayStation Vita in the coveted market with a commemorative edition.

SMASH! hosting cosplay competition at Matsuri in Sydney 2014

Matsuri in Sydney is back again for 2014, and for the first time ever, SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show will be taking part in this year’s festival on Saturday, December 13th.

Slow Clay x Collective Pop-Up Shop in Melbourne

The Slow Clay x Collective Pop Up shop has over 30 artists exhibiting their beautiful artworks and all will be available for purchase. Each day during the pop up event they will have a special event for you to get involved in including Korean flower arranging by Wona Bae of Loose Leaf, Japanese sake tasting by Sakenet Australia, and more.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: EXID - "Up And Down" (South Korea, 2014)

EXID released their track 'Up & Down' back in August and this track flew under our radar. It gained traction again after a fan clip of EXID member Hani performing 'Up & Down' became a viral hit with Korean social media sites with 3 million views on YouTube.