Hello Asia! Interview: Miyavi (Japan) talks about Slap The World Tour and work on a new album

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au trvelled to Tokyo to interview Japanese rock artist Miyavi. A pioneer in the Japanese rock scene, Miyavi is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer and movie actor. Starting out in 1999 as guitarist of Visual Kei group Dué le Quartz and then becoming a solo artist in 2002, Miyavi has been at the forefront of the Japanese rock industry. With his trademark slap technique on the guitar, Miyavi has released 9 solo albums and toured the world multiple times. His latest album is titled Miyavi. Johnny spoke to Miyavi after the last date of his 'Slap The World' tour.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: The Musical Dracula Press Call - Seoul Arts Centre, South Korea (22.07.14)

OD Musical held their Press Call for The Musical Dracula yesterday, starring Kim Junsu and Ryu Jeong Han in the role of Dracula. Hello Asia writer Kat Czornij and editor Johnny Au were invited along to cover, photograph and film the Press Call at the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea.

For coverage of 'The Musical Dracula' Press Call go here.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: One OK Rock - "Mighty Long Fall" (Japan, 2014)


Hot on the heels of an American tour with Warped, Japanese powerhouse rockers One OK Rock are back with "Mighty Long Fall", their first single since "Be the Light" in March last year. "Mighty Long Fall" is a dark and atmospheric stadium rock track accompanied by an artfully washed out video with beautiful slow motion sequences. You might recognise the track from the trailer for the new Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno/The Legend Ends movies.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: EXILE - "Craving in my Soul" (Japan, 2014)


14 member J-pop boy group EXILE are back with their new track "Craving in my Soul" - a catchy dance pop tune with a documentary-style video made from footage from their packed live shows and promotional appearances. Keep an ear out for the killer English line, "I've got a hunger like a tiger."

Hello Asia! Special Feature: The Musical Dracula Press Call - Seoul Arts Centre, South Korea (22.07.14)

Yesterday OD Musical held their Press Call for The Musical Dracula at the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea. Producer Shin Chun Soo introduced the production, describing the musicals adaption from Broadway to the Korean stage. He also explained that the role of Dracula has caught particular attention for it's shared casting of JYJ's Kim Junsu and Ryu Jeong Han as the lead. Both musical actors have also previously shared the role of Tod, or Death, in the production of 'Das Musical Elisabeth'.

Hello Asia! Opinion: Would The New Law Designed To Protect Korean Artists Actually Work?

Rejoice, all of you fangirls! A new law has been introduced in South Korea that would supposedly improve the working conditions of your "oppas" that you are so worried about.

Hello Asia! Interview: Kimberley Chen (Melbourne) talks about working in Taiwan, her third album and training with JYP

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au chats to Melbourne born, Taiwan based Chinese pop artist Kimberley Chen. Based in Taiwan for the past 5 years, Kimberley Chen has released two albums in Taiwan ("Kimberley Chen" and "Kimbonomics"). She is a rising star in the Chinese music world. With over 1.2 million followers on her Facebook page, Kimberley Chen is also a prolific user of social media to engage with her fans around the world.

Hello Asia! Japan Film Festival Encore Edition Film Review: Departures (Okuribito) (Japan, 2008)

Departures (Okuribito) is a simple, Japanese film about some big subjects: love, life and death. This existential family drama was the winner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2009. It is also a subtle and nuanced story where a Zen-like air means that even though the final message is poignant and meaningful, it is clouded by the slow and repetitive rituals that precede it.

Hello Asia! Live Review: SISTAR Premiere Media Showcase - Ilchi Art Hall, Seoul (21.07.14)

SISTAR made their comeback today at their Premier Media Showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall today in Seoul, South Korea. Sistar's comeback is fun, summery and very very catchy! True to Sistar's style, the songs demonstrate both their vocal abilities and strength of their dancing.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: SISTAR Premiere Media Showcase - Ilchi Art Hall, Seoul (21.07.14)

K-Pop girl group SISTAR held their Premier Media Showcase for the brand new comeback M/V "Touch My Body" and the new EP "Touch N Move" today. Hello Asia editor Johnny Au was invited along to photograph the showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

Hello Asia! Theatre Review: The Musical Dracula - Seoul Arts Centre, South Korea

Since it's announcement back in May I told myself that I needed to somehow, in anyway, get myself to Seoul to see the Korean production of The Musical Dracula. Dracula has always been one of my favourite musicals, as a brilliant mix of all the drama of The Phantom of the Opera and all the darkness of Jekyll and Hyde. It was then announced that it would be produced by Shin Chun Soo, one of my favourite musical producers, who would be writing new songs for the Korean production. And then it was announced that the lead of Dracula would be shared between Ryn Jeong Han and Kim Junsu. Yep, I had to absolutely see this musical.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: SISTAR - "Touch My Body" (South Korea, 2014)


SISTAR are back with their new summer track "Touch My Body" and a colourful and fresh music video full of hot pants and crop tops that will leave you craving ice cream and clicking replay.

Hello Asia! TV Drama Review: The Hours of My Life (Boku no Ita Jikan - 僕のいた時間), (Japan 2014)

Boku no Ita Jikan

If there’s one thing Japanese dramatic television is good at, it’s ripping out your heart and throwing it down three flights of stairs. Fuji TV's The Hours of my Life unequivocally falls into that category.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Infinite - "Back" (South Korea, 2014)


Have you ever wanted to see your favourite idols get the snot beaten out of them? No? Too bad, that's what you're getting in Infinite's new music video for the track "Back". What starts as a delicate and emotional piano ballad escalates into a full-blown signature Infinite synth-dance track with a confronting video to match where the members of the boy band fight to save a kidnapped girl.

Hello Asia! Best of 2014: Ghassani Swaryandini's Favourite Asian Songs Of 2014...so far

The first half of 2014 has been an amazing 6 months in the Asian music industry. Here is my top 8 K-pop and J-pop songs so far, in no particular order.