Hello Asia! New Music Video: JYJ - "Back Seat" (South Korea, 2014)

After two years, JYJ has returned, claiming their title as the Kings of K-pop! With their title song, "Back Seat", they showed off their mature voices in a smooth R&B song and an incredibly sexy music video. Imagine getting in on with the boys in the back seat to this song. Mmmm, yes. Check out the music video!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: BESTie - "Hot Baby" (South Korea, 2014)

Right on time for summer, K-pop's loveable girl group BESTie had made a return with "Hot Baby"! These four lovely ladies are having good summer fun in the music video, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The song is also super catchy and perfect for those summer beach trips with your besties! No pun intended, obviously. Check out their new music video!

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Hyuna - "Red" (South Korea, 2014)


South Korea's resident sex symbol Hyuna is back with her new bass-heavy dance single "Red" - and all the skin, innuendo and sass we've come to associate with her. Hyuna shows off her rapping skills and a whole lot more.

Hello Asia! Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) Announces 2014 Film Schedule


The 5th annual Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) in set to hit cinemas around the country through August and September 2014 and will bring a complement of 20 feature films and a short film competition to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide.

VideAU Games PC Review: Katwa Shoujo (Four Leaf Studios, 2012)

I have delayed playing a visual novel such as Katawa Shoujo for too long, simply because of my bias towards books in hard-copy. After all, how good could a visual novel be?

Hello Asia! Interview: LUNAFLY (South Korea) talks about work on their second album and more!

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au speaks with South Korean band LUNAFLY in Seoul. LUNAFLY had just concluded their successful South American tour and is currently recording their second album. Consisting of members Sam, Teo and Yun, LUNAFLY made their debut in 2012 with their version of acoustic pop and fun personalities instantly gaining them many fans in Korea and around the world.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: M! Countdown 10th Anniversary Concert - Goyang Indoor Stadium, Seoul (24.07.14)

K-Pop weekly show M! Countdown celebrating its 10th Anniversary last night with a concert featuring some of the hottest talent in Korean music today. The special also included some of the big acts that have graced the stage on M! Countdown over the past 10 years. Photos by Johnny Au

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: M! Countdown 10th Anniversary Red Carpet - Goyang Indoor Stadium, Seoul (24.07.14)

One of the most popular weekly K-Pop show in the world M! Countdown celebrated its 10th Anniversary today with a live concert at the Goyang Indoor Stadium in Seoul. The red carpet featured artists such as AOA, B1A4, Baek Ji Young, BLOCK B, Brown Eyed Girls, EXO-K (pictured above), GOT7, INFINITE, Ladies' Code, Park Jae Jung, SISTAR and VIXX. Photos by Johnny Au.

Hello Asia! News: B1A4 Release Tour Information for Sydney and Melbourne Shows


Get excited BANAs! South Korean boy band B1A4 are set to hit Australian shores in September for shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Momoiro Clover Z - "MOON PRIDE" (Japan, 2014)

For those suffering withdrawal symptoms in the two week lapse between Sailor Moon Crystal episodes, Momoiro Clover Z also released the official music video for the opening song "Moon Pride" following the second episode. What's exciting about the music video is that we get to take a glance at transformations/attacks of all five Sailor Scouts ahead of meeting them in the coming weeks, as well as having another opportunity at hearing the flow of the song in full.

Hello Asia! Interview: Miyavi (Japan) talks about Slap The World Tour and work on a new album

Hello Asia editor Johnny Au trvelled to Tokyo to interview Japanese rock artist Miyavi. A pioneer in the Japanese rock scene, Miyavi is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer and movie actor. Starting out in 1999 as guitarist of Visual Kei group Dué le Quartz and then becoming a solo artist in 2002, Miyavi has been at the forefront of the Japanese rock industry. With his trademark slap technique on the guitar, Miyavi has released 9 solo albums and toured the world multiple times. His latest album is titled Miyavi. Johnny spoke to Miyavi after the last date of his 'Slap The World' tour.

Hello Asia! Photo Gallery: The Musical Dracula Press Call - Seoul Arts Centre, South Korea (22.07.14)

OD Musical held their Press Call for The Musical Dracula yesterday, starring Kim Junsu and Ryu Jeong Han in the role of Dracula. Hello Asia writer Kat Czornij and editor Johnny Au were invited along to cover, photograph and film the Press Call at the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea.

For coverage of 'The Musical Dracula' Press Call go here.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: One OK Rock - "Mighty Long Fall" (Japan, 2014)


Hot on the heels of an American tour with Warped, Japanese powerhouse rockers One OK Rock are back with "Mighty Long Fall", their first single since "Be the Light" in March last year. "Mighty Long Fall" is a dark and atmospheric stadium rock track accompanied by an artfully washed out video with beautiful slow motion sequences. You might recognise the track from the trailer for the new Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno/The Legend Ends movies.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: Codomo Dragon - "VIper" (Japan, 2014)

Codomo Dragon

Japanese visual kei band Codomo Dragon have dropped their new short version MV/album advertisement/tour announcement for "VIper" (yes, that strange capitalisation is part of the official song title) - a synth rock track with a video showing off their elaborate costumes and styling in a grungy setting. The maxi-single, also called VIper is out on August 6 through B.P Records.

Hello Asia! New Music Video: EXILE - "Craving in my Soul" (Japan, 2014)


14 member J-pop boy group EXILE are back with their new track "Craving in my Soul" - a catchy dance pop tune with a documentary-style video made from footage from their packed live shows and promotional appearances. Keep an ear out for the killer English line, "I've got a hunger like a tiger."