Melbourne Fringe Review: LUMINOUS - Gasworks - The Big House (Performances to 3rd October)

"This show is a pigment of your imagination"

Forget Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, watching LUMINOUS at the Melbourne Fringe I felt like I was being dropped into a Salvador Dali painting. In the dark.

Skilfully combining a variety of circus talents, black light and body paint, the show will transport you to a fantastical garden of deep sea things. Except the things are from an ocean planet in a galaxy far far away.

Viewers will be wonder struck as surreal creatures are drawn out of the air, twisting and curling out of the dark to perform circus arts you thought you knew, in an environment designed to test their ingenuity and you imagination. A quartet of glowing illusionists cast impossible spells that mesmerize and amuse. You wont walk out of this dark unchanged, Luminous will ignite the imaginations of all who see it.

Using a style of rapid painting techniques developed specifically for this show, creator Jessica Watson Miller treats the audience to a feast of beautiful live art which evolves through out the show with each deft brush stroke.

A truly engaging show, this neon wonderland can be visited at Gasworks - The Big House.


LUMINOUS will be performed as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival until the 3rd October at Gasworks - The Big House.

The reviewer attended the performance on the 17th September.

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