Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review: Hail to the King - Space Theatre (20.06.14)

Hail to the King

Elvis Presley was a sexy man, that’s an indisputable fact of life. Everything about his act was ground breaking in his day, from the lyrics, to the hip thrusting to the outfits. Elvis was a force that created mass hysteria in women worldwide, inspiring generations of impersonators to devote their lives to him for decades to come. There are countless tribute shows, covers and imposters, some who pull it off fabulously and others shamefully, but nothing comes close to Hail to the King.

Featuring tributes to The King by an all female line-up comprising of Mojo Juju, Stella Angelico, Simone Page Jones and Christa Hughes, these women bring a level of sexiness to Elvis you wouldn't have thought possible. Each dedicated to a different era in Elvis’s career, the broad diversity of this foursome resulted in an hour of sultry entertainment that was over all too fast. This is Elvis as you have never heard him, with husky, smoky vocals, hot pants and cleavage.

Stella Angelico kicked off the show with her temperature rising version of "Fever", one of the stand outs of the evening, looking incredible in a rhinestone jumpsuit that would bring The King himself to his knees. She was joined shortly by Mojo Juju, a woman born to be part of an Elvis tribute show and the clear audience favourite. Mojo is a stunningly talented musician with an air of cool that one can only be born with and her homage to some of Elvis’s greatest hits was mesmerising, with "Blue Moon" particularly moving.

The notably excited Simone Page Jones foxed things up in a black leather jumpsuit and beehive hairdo, turning on the sex appeal from the start with jokes about sitting on the face of a man in the front row. Her versions of Elvis were more hyper and poppy than the previous performers, with shrieking lyrics and a high energy performance, paving the perfect warm up for Christa Hughes (of Machine Gun Fellatio fame). Hughes is a charismatic woman who was made for the stage, and while per vocals may not be as finely tuned as her stage buddies, it is her natural charm and confidence which is completely magnetic. A true audience pleaser, she had the theatre bopping along to "A Little Less Conversation" before all women returned to the stage for one last hurrah.

Hail to the King is a tribute show at its finest, and is a must-see whether or not you are a fan of Elvis. This was the perfect pick for a late Friday night in the Space Theatre with a candlelit bottle of wine and a great way to wrap up another fantastic Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Plus, if there’s even been a duet sexier than Stella Angelico and Mojo Juju singing "Crawfish" I have yet to see it.