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Photo Gallery: David Bowie Is Exhibition - Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne (15.07.15)

David Bowie Is.... This phrase conjurs up so much because David Bowie has given so much. He has had so much influence in every facet of the Arts that it is hard to pinpoint the exact description to that phrase. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is staging an Exhibition showing a piece of everything that has showcased Bowie's career.

As you walk around the exhibition you will see many things that will give you the correct description to finish the phrase, its just that the end word will change many times over. One thing we do know is that David Bowie Is a musical legend with a huge influence in the world of music over the last 50 years. Everybody will have their own perspective so you will have to see things for yourself.

Carl Dziunka went along to capture the event and give you an insight into something truly spectacular. The David Bowie Is exhibition runs from 16th July - 1st November at ACMI

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