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Album News Weekly: 5th August 2015

In This Issue: This one goes out to the singer songwriters with a hint of Swedish Metal and Irish punk of course! Check out the gorgeously colourful album art for Flyying Colours as well as the album trailer for Gardens & Villa.

Live Review: Yo La Tengo - Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall (13.03.14)

Yo La Tengo are celebrating their 30th anniversary as a band this year, and their appearance at the Sydney Opera House was as much a cause for celebration as it was a showcase for why they remain a challenging and important band today.

Photo Gallery: Yo La Tengo - Sydney Opera House (13.03.14)

Yo La Tengo played the Sydney Opera House in Sydney last night. Belinda Dipalo was there with her camera to bring you these photos...

the AU interview: James McNew of Yo La Tengo (USA) discusses the 23rd anniversary of his first rehearsal, the WFMU Marathon and upcoming archival releases

Indie legends Yo La Tengo are about to start touring Australia, a tour that coincides with their 30th anniversary as a band. I got the opportunity to talk to bassist James McNew on the 23rd anniversary of his first rehearsal with the band, a fact that genuinely surprised him. We also talked about the recent WFMU marathon, where the band plays any song requested by listeners pledging $100 or more, and an upcoming, yet to be determined archival release to commemorate their 30 year achievement.

Yo La Tengo announce tour!

yo la tengo

New Jersey based trio Yo La Tengo are heading back to Australia for an encore performance of their two set opus: 'An Evening With Yo La Tengo'. The performance, most recently held at the Melbourne Festival, highlights the trio’s musical range explored across their 13 studio albums and includes a variety of covers.

Golden Plains 8 lineup revealed!

The lineup for Golden Plains 8 has been announced! With Public Enemy having already been announced to perform at the Supernatural Ampitheatre in Meredith next March (8th to 10th), a whole stack of Australian and international acts have been unveiled in what represents, 'The Sound of Now, Then and Forever'.

Live Review: Yo La Tengo - Hamer Hall, Melbourne (18.10.13)

Yo La Tengo hail from Hoboken, New Jersey and are one of the deeply admired and respected bands who never sold out. In a career spanning nearly three decades, lead vocalist Ira Kaplan did not succumb to the lure of the advertising dollar, which makes their music all the richer. As part of the Melbourne Festival "An Evening with Yo La Tengo" at the Hamer Hall features two sets, and no support act, which means we’re in for a marathon show.

Melbourne Festival Photo Gallery: An Evening With Yo La Tengo - Hamer Hall (18.10.13)

In an Australian exclusive US Indie Rock act Yo La Tengo performed at the Melbourne Festival in Hamer Hall. Photos by Serena Ho