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Tkay Maidza, Grenadiers, Timberwolf and more unveiled as SA Music Award nominees!

The nominees for the 2015 SA Music Awards have today been announced, with successful Adelaide export Tkay Maidza leading the charge, nominated for seven awards across 14 categories! Music SA this morning revealed the results of what has been a months-long judging process for a panel of local industry minds, reflective of the amount of talent South Australia has produced over the past 12 months. The awards ceremony will be held on November 11th, set to be opened by SA Premier Jay Weatherill and Lord Mayor Martin Haese at The Mercury Cinema.

Live Review: West Thebarton Brothel Party - Jive, Adelaide (22.08.15)

The West Thebarton Brothel Party boys packed Jive out well on Saturday night, the official launch party for their debut self-titled EP. The band has been growing a strong fan base in Adelaide in recent months and their time supporting some pretty impressive Australian and international names, has brought them to the attention of many different type of Adelaide music fan who may be on the look out for something new. Their gathering at Jive represented not only the supportive network of fellow Adelaide musicians and friends within these circles, but a good percentage of people looking to kick on well into their Saturday night - the chaos the boys brought to the show was the perfect way to do so.

the AU interview: Brian Bolado talks making music with West Thebarton Brothel Party (Adelaide)

West Thebarton Brothel Party have done more than just make us focus a little more when typing out their band name numerous times over the past year. The seven piece outta Adelaide have fashioned themselves into a rock band to take notice of and with the release of their self-titled debut EP recently, the local mega-group have gone and hit it out of the park. Originally formed as a bit of a jam outside the members' other bands, WTBP have definitely made an musical identity that's their own.

the AU Weekend Gig Guide: August 21st - August 23rd.

We're edging close to the end of August and with BIGSOUND around the corner, we're anticipating some killer live shows to result over the next few weeks. Let's get this weekend out of the road first and some of our faves are set to hit venues down the east coast in particular. Timberwolf kicks off his Flux EP launch tour in Sydney, while Hiatus Kaiyote hit Brisbane for a cheeky end of weekend show. With everything else in between, check out some of our picks below.

West Thebarton Brothel Party hook us up with a tight road trip playlist ahead of Adelaide & Sydney shows!

West Thebarton Brothel Party have recently put out their self-titled debut EP and before this month is out, the Adelaide seven-piece indie rock band will have taken their baby to launch shows in their hometown and Sydney. Carving out a reputation for knowing how to not only establish a killer live show environment, but also knowing how to form a successful creative dynamic that works for a collective their size, West Theb are proving time and time again that they're ones to watch.

Music Video of the Day: West Thebarton Brothel Party "Misophonia" (2015)

Photo: Hugh Black

Adelaide's West Thebarton Brothel Party will be launching their new track "Misophonia" as part of Clarity Records' epic birthday celebrations set to take over Adelaide's east end tomorrow - if you've not seen the film clip for the single, check it out today. The garage rockers show off their city with the video showing them at a number of Adelaide sites that locals and music fans from the area will know - all too - well.

Single Stream: West Thebarton Brothel Party "Misophonia" (2015)

Photo: Hugh Black

Adelaide's West Thebarton Brothel Party have released their new single, "Misophonia" this week and like material we've heard from the band previously, it encapsulates everything brilliant about seven mates getting together to make some excellent rock music. Having consistently developed themselves as a band from early shows in 2014 through to supporting the likes of Cloud Nothings and Northeast Party House in recent memory, West Theb have been carving out a spot of their own within the Adelaide music scene and it's a great deal of work that's paying off in a great way.

Live Review: Northeast Party House + Food Court + West Thebarton Brothel Party - Adelaide Unibar (04.04.15)

It's been a while since Northeast Party House had performed in Adelaide and going off the reaction the Melbourne band received from the Unibar crowd on Easter Saturday, it'd been far too long for their liking. Bringing the 'Double Darts Tour' to Adelaide and then Ballarat this weekend, NPH showed no signs of weariness or complacency as they took to the stage and ripped the Unibar a new one.

the AU review's 15 Australian artists to watch in 2015

It's that time again where we look ahead to the year, rather than backwards, and move through the Australian artists we think will make it big in 2015. Now, our definition of "big" doesn't mean a Gotye size explosion - we just think that by the end of this year, all these artists will be well known around the country... some even internationally. Of course, many are well on their way there already. If you look back at our lists from 2013 and 2012, you'll see that usually we're fairly on the ball here. So pay attention! And now, in no particular order:

Live Review: Cloud Nothings + Sincerely, Grizzly + West Thebarton Brothel Party - Adelaide Unibar (09.12.14)

I've been attending shows in this fine city for years now and still, the concept of have a decently attended gig on a weeknight freaks me out slightly. Sure, there has been a nice resurgence in a love of live music within the community over the past few years especially, but as I stand inside the Adelaide Unibar, a venue which soon may be no more, I'm still a bit worried that people won't turn up to play for our international guests tonight. Cloud Nothings had added an Adelaide date to their short run of Meredith Festival sideshows and I was stoked to finally be able to see the Ohio rock band perform, having missed them at the clusterfuck of a festival that was Laneway 2013.

Single Stream: West Thebarton Brothel Party "Chemotherapy" (2014)

Yes, the name may sound questionable, but make no mistake, West Thebarton Brothel Party will know how to make your night a party. With members of Adelaide bands Archers, Tea and Horror My Friend, the band represents some seven musicians who know their way around their insturments and who know how to conjure up one hell of loud, thrashing party vibe. Check out the piece of garage-rock goodness below and let us know what you think!