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Album Review: Too Close To Touch - Nerve Endings (2015 LP)

If there’s one band you should keep on your radar, it’s Too Close To Touch. With their sounds influenced by bands such as Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens, the Kentucky band are leading the way already with their diverse alternative rock sound. Since the debut of Nerve Endings, they have received such praise among fans and critics that it's safe to say the band know how to make first impressions last. It all comes down to consistency and passion, and Too Close to Touch has both.

Album News Weekly: 11th February 2015

In This Issue: Soundwave is approaching so get ready for some heavier releases heading your way with the likes of Of Mice & Men. And before the rest of you bury your heads, there's still plenty of indie, acoustic and electric sounds to discover, with even a little something for the old school and surfers check it out!