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New Music Video: White Shadows "Give Up Give Out Give In" (2015)

Put the creative minds of Craig Nicholls, Nick Littlemore and Sam La More together and we've got White Shadows, the mysterious new project between the three artists that was unveiled just under two months ago. The first taste from the group in "Give Up Give Out Give In" sent fans a-talkin' - what kind of music was still to come from the frontman of The Vines, creative force of Empire of the Sun/PNAU his brilliantly savvy producer brother? Well, come April, we'll know, with the debut White Shadows album set to drop next month.

Photo Gallery: The Vines + DMA's + Chicks Who Love Guns + The Lulu Raes - The Vic, Sydney (05.10.14)

The Vines returned to the stage with a massive free show over the long weekend at The Vic in Sydney, supported by bands like Chicks Who Love Guns, DMA's, The Lulu Raes and more. Gwendolyn Lee was there and brings us these photos from the epic day:

The Vines will perform a special show in Sydney next month

The exclusive show will be aimed at showcasing the new material in a live environment, which will be the unexpected setting of a carpark in Sydney's inner-west. The show will take place on Sunday October 5th at 1pm-6pm, as part of the long weekend. The venue for the performance will be the carpark of the Vic on the Park hotel in Enmore.

Album Review: The Vines - Wicked Nature (2014 LP)

When The Vines first rose to prominence in 2002 with their fiercely brutal yet wonderfully fantastical debut Highly Evolved, something about them felt vital. 12 years on however, it seems that this Sydney trio (now made up of frontman Craig Nicholls and new members, Tim John and Lachy West) has lost its edge. Despite its status as a “two-part, 22-song manifesto”, The Vines’ sixth album, Wicked Nature continues to see them rely on the same ideas and influences that originally earned them acclaim rather than explore new territory.

the AU interview: Tim John of The Vines (Sydney) on 'Wicked Nature', being part of the new band line up and what lay ahead!

Fans of The Vines were excited to find a new album in the works after a decent few years out of the spotlight. Wicked Nature, dedicated to the fans who have stuck with Craig Nicholls through what can only be described as tumultuous times, is out now and naturally, we're looking forward to seeing the new line up consisting of Nicholls, Lachy West and Tim John (both members of The Griswolds) bring the new material - as well as the classics - to life on stage. Tim takes some time out to give the AU the lowdown on his and Lachy's background, Wicked Nature and the future of The Vines.

New Music Video: The Vines "Metal Zone" (2014)

There's nothing quite like hearing a fresh comeback, even better when it whacks you straight in the face with ballsy, adrenaline-inducing rush. The Vines haven't sounded this good in quite some time, with "Metal Zone" they reach new heights and immediately kick up the buzz for their forthcoming double album Wicked Nature.

Album News Weekly : 8 July 2014

In This Issue: Bit on the short side this week, but there are SOME HUGE REALLY HUGE releases this time. Souls Of Mischief have announced a new record, alongside Kasey Chambers, The Vines, and Ryan Adams. Newbies Lunatics On Pogosticks have also got a new one, and Melbourne artist Nussy is dropping an EP soon. There's a heap more in here, so check it out.

The State of Affairs - Latest Music Industry News: August 18th 2012

In this week's column: Universal and the Parker & Mr. French group team up, Ed Sheeran tops the album chart after nearly a year meandering in it, an opportunity to write music for next year's Sydney Festival, and news from three industry awards nights that occurred last week!

Feature: Bluejuice, The Vines and Didier Cohen chat about BBM Music.

With the dominance of Apple in the music marketplace, it's proving more and more difficult for other companies to make their mark and get their slice of the action. But this hasn't stopped plenty from doing just that. The latest is Blackberry, with their new service BBM Music. To get their take on the marketplace, and what this new service means, we caught up with Jake Stone from Bluejuice, Hamish Rosser from The Vines and Didier Cohen.

The Vines + Papa Vs Pretty + Bleeding Knees Club + The Dune Rats - The HiFi Bar (03.09.11)

Four bands for forty bucks is awesome value when you consider that this gig at Melbourne’s iconic HiFi Bar included the likes of The Dune Rats, The Bleeding Knees Club, Papa Vs Pretty and The Vines. I have been banging-on about the depth of Australia’s rock talent for some time now, and though these bands aren’t from my home city, I’m still mighty proud to say they’re Australian.