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the AU interview: Jeremy Oxley (Sunnyboys) and Mary Oxley Griffiths discuss their book "Here Comes the Sun"

The Sunnyboys were Australian surf pop idols in the early 80s before the pressures of a being touring rock band lead to their breakup. Over the years, the lead singer, Jeremy Oxley has had a different battle with schizophrenia. All this changed with a meeting in 2008 with nurse Mary Griffiths, who helped Jeremy overcome his demons. They have written a book, Here Comes The Sun about their lives and how they met. John Goodridge from the AU review had a chat with them about it.

Photo Gallery: The Sunnyboys - The Gov, Adelaide (08.03.15)

The Sunnyboys showed why they have been a loved Australian rock band for so many years when they played at The Gov in Adelaide. Pure jangly guitar rock that had people singing along to every song. Adelaide band Bad//Dreems (not pictured) were support act. Our photographer John Goodridge took some photos.

Gig Announcements: SA & QLD - 12th November 2013

In this article: Latino New Year's Eve at the Gov, Yule Labor of Love #3 at The Hifi, 'Songs That Made Me' at the Gov, The Sunnyboys' 'Best Of' tour in Adelaide, Hightime's QLD shows, Mass Sky Raid hit South East QLD, His Merry Men at the Black Bear Lodge, Roll Rhythm and Rock comes to Adelaide and Raul Midon performs in Brisbane.

'Best Of' tour announced for The Sunnyboys!

Alt-rock group The Sunnyboys have announced a Best Of collection and some new tour dates! The tour will be the band's first headline run of dates since their one-off reformation in 1991. The Sunnyboys have been seen sporadically performing since 2012, performing on the Dig It Up invitational and ending with a sold-out gig at the Sydney Opera House. Check them out on this tour and relive the awesome times.

Sydney Film Festival Review: The Sunnyboy (Australia, 2013)

When Kaye Harrison set out to make a schizophrenia documentary she had no idea her subject would make a come-back to music. It’s a fitting chapter in the long and often complex history of The Sunnyboys and unsurprising that once again a curveball would appear out of leftfield. Except that this time this ball has resulted in a home-run- an excellent feature documentary about one enigmatic creature.

VIVID Live Review: The Sunnyboys - Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House (02.06.13)

In 2012, The Sunnyboys had performed as Kids In Dust and made a jubilant return to the live scene at the Hoodoo Gurus’ Dig It Up! Festival. In a little over a year they’d make a come back once again and do a concert proper. It could’ve been the “gig that never was” or “may have been” but instead it lived up to and exceeded expectations.

the AU interview: Richard Burgman of The Sunnyboys (NSW)

On the eve of their historic Opera House gig for VIVID and Sydney Film Festival documentary premiere, Larry Heath talks to Richard Burgman, guitarist of legendary Australian band, The Sunnyboys. The original line-up of Jeremy Oxley (guitar, vocals), Peter Oxley (bass), Richard Burgman (guitar), and Bill Bilson (drums) reunited in 2012. Calling from Ontario, Canada, he discusses their path to reunion and what lies ahead.

Photo Gallery: Elvis Costello + The Sunnyboys - Bimbadgen State, Hunter Valley (02.02.13)

Elvis Costello was the latest high profile performer to headline a national run of A Day On The Green dates, pictured here with legendary Australian group The Sunnyboys in the Hunter Valley. Photos brought to us by Kevin Bull.

Live Review: Elvis Costello + The Sunnyboys - Bimbadgen Estate, Hunter Valley (02.02.13)

Having spent the early afternoon watching the Weather Channel to ensure that Elvis would not become victim of the mud, I made my rather late appearance at Bimbadgen Estate in the Hunter Valley just in time to catch the most welcome return of the reformed Sunnyboys. The large crowd were enraptured, with the level that their music had warmed our hearts in the mid 80s clearly on show. Here's hoping that the reformation is not short lived.