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Festival Review: Future Music Festival - RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane (01.03.14)

Future Music Festival - one of Australia’s premier electronic music festivals - was a writhing pit of visceral pandemonium that began with tens of thousands of dance and electronic music fans thankful to the elemental gods for a day of blue skies. I knew, even before I entered, I was on a safari into the belly of a metaphorical shirtless, musical, beast on pills. Hashtag 'bulkin’ for Future.'

The Stafford Brothers to play 40 shows in 60 days!

They’ve already been called voted in as Australias number one DJ twice and now the Stafford Brothers are out to claim another feat, with a massive 40 show tour across the country.

Future Music Festival Set for HUGE 2013 Line Up

The line up for the 2013 Future Music Festival has been released and as it promised, it's Dead Set Awesome. Past Future guests and some of the world's hottest acts in trance, electro, rock and pop will be making the journey down under for the national festival next year, raising the bar for the Future Music Festival once more.

The dates for the Future Music Festival next year are below.

Sidetracked Music Festival announced for 2012!

Future Music has joined forces with the Formula 1 Grand Prix once again to bring forth Sidetracked Music Festival to the event once more!

Delivering two days of scorching trackside tunes, Grandmaster Flash will be headlining the event, alongside a swag of Australian live acts and DJs, including (but not limited to!) Art Vs Science, The Stafford Brothers, Timmy Trumpet, The Potbelleez, Bombs Away and more to be announced!