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Album Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack (2014 Compilation)

Music is honestly the best gift in the entire world and if I had the choice of losing my hearing or eyesight forever, I’d choose my eyesight because without my hearing, music would cease to exist in my life and the thought of that makes me want to cry.

Album Review: The Neighbourhood - I Love You (2013 LP)

Breakthrough US quintet The Neighbourhood released their much acclaimed debut album, I Love You, late in April and have scored some pretty sweet gigs off the back of it.

the AU interview: Bryan Sammis from The Neighbourhood (Los Angeles)

Larry Heath catches up with Bryan from LA based outfit The Neighbourhood as the band's drummer smoked a cigarette to discuss their debut record, playing Coachella, their time in Australia for Laneway Festival and much, much more...

Album News Weekly: Friday, 19 April 2013

In this weeks album news we’ve got a massive bunch of goodies. Disclosure have announced their debut is on the way, Bernard Fanning filled in the missing gaps he left out of his teaser last week, Melbourne’s Vaudeville Smash revealed they’ve got a newie on the way, plus there’s a heap more of sweet announcements. Happy Friday!


Live Review: St Jerome's Laneway Festival - Melbourne (03.02.12)

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival sure has come a long way since its birth in a Melbourne alleyway back in 2004. 9 years on and still producing line up’s worth salivating over, it is no surprise that this cutting edge festival has outgrown its original stomping ground and relocated to the Footscray Community Arts Centre. Being a Laneway virgin, I didn’t know quite what to expect from the crowd or venue but let me tell you, I’ve never been so excited to spend my Sunday in this suburb west of Melbourne (sorry citizens of Footscray, your train station scares the living daylight out of me).

The Festival Diaries: CMJ Day Two ft. The Neighbourhood + JJAMZ + Winter People and more - New York City (17.10.12)

After being eased into a festival that has a somewhat overwhelming quantity of live music and panels, things steadily picked up for our second day at CMJ. A festival committed to bringing about informative panels for those involved in the music industry and to arranging a huge selection of live shows across New York City, it’s easy to get lost in the intense yet rewarding schedule of CMJ.

Yeasayer, Bat For Lashes, Japandroids plus more to feature at the Laneway Festival in 2013.

The line up for the Laneway Festival has been released for another year, with 30 acts from Australia and around the globe set to tour the country in 2013. With last year's festival featuring the likes of M83, Active Child and The Horrors, music lovers can catch the stylings of the following bands in a laneway setting near them in February next year.