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Theatre Review: All That Glitters - Blue Room Theatre, Perth (Performances through August 29th)

Refugees, asylum seekers and broader immigration have long dominated headlines and political slogans from all parties within Australia, and more recently abroad in Europe and the UK. For many people it is a polarising issue, for Perth theatre group The Last Great Hunt it provided the starting point for new work All That Glitters. A work initially devised as a theatrical response to Australia’s (both its government and its citizens) reaction to asylum seekers, refugees or “boat people” heading for Australia. Director and co-devisor Gita Bezard mentioned in her programme notes that she hoped the play would “provoke a conversation” amongst other things, and I feel it certainly does that; and thanks to the fact sheets placed in the bar and in the foyer, it should at least be an informed conversation too.

the AU interview: Arielle Gray talks "All That Glitters" (at The Blue Room Theatre, Perth until 29th August)

Ahead of opening night we caught up with The Last Great Hunt's Arielle Gray to find out a little bit more about the groups new work, the political theatre pop music extravaganza that is All That Glitters. Naturally we asked her for her top pop music picks whilst we were at it.

the AU interview: Chris Issacs (Perth) talks "Old Love", writing process and more

The AU review caught up with acclaimed Perth playwright and member of Perth's theatrical supergroup The Last Great Hunt, Chris Issacs, to find out a little bit more about his latest work Old Love, which is being performed now at The Blue Room Theatre in Perth. Chris delves into where the idea for the play came from, his approach to the writing process, the development of the characters and more.