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Dark Mofo Photo Gallery: The Irrepressibles + Brous - The Odeon (20.06.15)

The Irrepressibles are the project of English artist / vocalist / composer / multi-instrumentalist Jamie Irrepressible. Over the weekend, they played DARK MOFO, their only Australian performance, to an enthralled crowd. Featuring songs from Nude, The Irrepressibles were supported by the amazing Sophia Brous and her band. Photos by John Goodridge.

'Curators as the new punk rock stars': Dark Mofo and the appeal of the eclectic and experimental festival programs.

Recently, the 2015 Dark Mofo festival unveiled what is once again being lauded as one of the best experimental and eclectic programs on the Australian arts calendar. The winter festival brings masses of music, visual arts and performance art fans down to Hobart during June and is known for being unafraid of pushing the boundaries, exploring art's darker corners, curiosities and quirks that other arts festivals may still be slightly timid to delve into. In an interview with The Pop Group's frontman Mark Stewart, he referred to festival curators are almost like the new kind of punk rock stars, in his words, "A lot of these people would have been in bands or running fanzines [and] they've kept their nerve and are now curating weird institutions...".