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Dead letter circus headline thirrd instalment of El Grande Music Festival!

The need for a bigger space for the third El Grande Festival is solved. Get ready to enjoy a day of rock, roots and hip-hop on two big stages. Luckily there is more room for there will be more people once the word has been spread that Dead Letter Circus is set to headline the event.

the AU interview: Jane Kirkpatrick of StormChasers (Brisbane)

Ahead of the release of their new EP Hey Girl on January 31st and a subsequent February tour, Chloe Webb caught up with Jane Kirkpatrick from Brisbane's StormChasers to talk about the album, the tour, and much more...

StormChasers announce February tour dates.

StormChasers are touring once more through February with their new EP Hey Girl. The EP, due for release on January 31st, will follow on from the release of their film clip for single "Familiar Sounds". StormChasers are to hit up some great venues along the East Coast, taking them from Queensland down through Newcastle, Sydney and finally, Melbourne, where the tour wraps up on February 22nd.

Festival Review: Woodford Folk Festival, Day Five - Woodfordia, Queensland (31.12.13)

Stormchasers chase the afternoon clouds away from the audience's minds with their quick stepping soul and funk hybrid sound. It's an exuberant performance from the 7-piece band that gets the dancers moving and even convinces my weary body that it needs to get up to jig along.

Live Review: StormChasers + His Merry Men + Astrid and the Asteriods - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane (13.11.13)

Astrid and the Asteroids start the night of with their smooth lounge speckled with stardust and science flowing through the venue. It's a slightly otherworldly mix of calm jazzy sound, wonder and occasional scientific info blurbs with backing guitar, plunking keyboard and sad trumpet all marched by drums.

StormChasers release "Figurout" single and announce tour dates!

Brisbane’s StormChasers return with their latest single "Figurout" and a string of tour dates! The group will be launching their brand spanking new single in Brisbane alongside His Merry Men and Astrid & The Asteroids, in Sydney alongside Belle & The Bone People and The Electric Vogues and in Melbourne with Stonefox and SANS.

Live Review: The Mouldy Lovers + Bullhorn + Stormchasers + Captain Dreamboat - The Zoo (18.01.13)

Captain Dreamboat kicked the night of funky fun off with aplomb, easing into the evening with a laidback brand of funk by the way of reggae and soul. The guitars and trumpet played off each other’s melodies, giving a warm languid tone. But they were driven forward with urgent drumming and soaring, swooping gospel vocals, eventually matching the pace in the third racing song. Propelled by a blizzard of drum hits from the stage’s back, the vocalist took the challenge and revealed the sheer power and poise of her stunning, soulful voice. The band eased back, with the next song built around a striking guitar rhythm underlaid by a dancing beat from the bass and drums before morphing into a free-flowing finish.

the AU interview: Stormchasers (Brisbane)

There's a growing community of up and coming funk-based bands in Brisbane and it was high time the AU review delved into it. So we found the Stormchasers, hot off finishing their Queensland tour, and got a few answers to satisfy our curiousity.

The Beards Announce the '2012 End of the World (For Beardless People)' Tour!

We can guarantee that you've probably heard at least one of the various 'end of the world' prophecies scheduled to be fulfilled by the end of this year; you've got the Mayans, Nostradamus, not to mention the plethora of prophecies raging through the internet. Here's one you probably haven't heard of though, as of 21st December, the world will have ended for the beardless.