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Surry Hills Festival announces The Laurels, Spookyland and more on its 2014 music line up!

September 27th will see Sydney's fiery hub of creatives, artists, designers and more come together for the Surry Hills Festival! The music line up for the festival has been announced today and it most definitely is reflective of the diversity within the city's music scene. Spread across two main stages in Ward Park and Shannon Reserve, as well as the Velvet Cave Stage on Hill St, the following artists will be giving festival attendees something to get around as the afternoon continues on!

Gig Announcements: Sydney & NSW - 12th June 2014

In this issue: Little Bastard announce a second show for Sydney, The Morrisons and many others set for 'A Night of Country and Inner Western', Brighton Up Bar announces it's huge 2nd birthday details, Darryl Beaton and Chris Sebastian performing at Play Bar and Ella Hooper has a show coming up at the Newtown Social Club!

Live Review: Eucalyptus Echoes Psych Fest BNE - Beetle Bar (21.09.13)

My afternoon at the Eucalyptus Echoes Psych Fest kicks off with the Moses Gunn Collective. The first song sounds like a hot sunny afternoon viewed through a veil of smoke from your deck, full of shining heady riffs, before it speeds into an unsettling trip. Vocals enter in the second song, swimming amid a dense ocean of warm distortion with swicks of harmony from guitar before the drums lead it into a slow jam. Bass picks and play dashes of melody, with the poignant lyrics lending an emotional weight to the superb instrumentation. Stampeding drums and bass bring their well put together set to a close.

Live Review: Stamping Grounds Festival - Manning Bar (30.09.12)

If you accidentally ended up at one of the many mainstream events that were on this past weekend, and are looking to reclaim some indie cred, read on. Sydney’s first Stamping Grounds Festival was held on Sunday at Manning Bar, featuring 20 of the freshest bands we’ve got, with something for everybody. Really, I stayed the whole 11 hours and watched every band, so I can guarantee it.