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Music Industry Realities: The Challenges of "The Day Job" for the musicians you love

With a rising focus on "dole bludger creatives" and the threats of a tightened Centrelink by our terrible government... not to mention the arts council budget cull you've hopefully heard about (but don't get us started on that)... the AU review is publishing a series of features which highlight the realities of the music industry. In the first part of our new series, we look at how almost all of your favourite Australian artists have shitty (and some, not-so-shitty) day jobs they undertake to support their careers and help bring you the music you love.

Single of the Day: Slowly Slowly "Empty Lungs" (2015)

Photo: Nick Manuell

Slowly Slowly may be your new favourite act outta Melbourne town. They may be new on the scene, but between Ben Stewart and Alex Quayle already gave a solid, great impression with their debut single "Go Easy" when it dropped in February. The duo have released a fitting follow up tune in "Empty Lungs", one we reckon should work its way on to your playlists now if you've not already jumped on board.