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Album Review: R.E.M. - Green (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (2013 LP)


The ironies which underpin Green, the 1988 full-length from Athens four-piece R.E.M., become even more pungent with twenty-five years of hindsight. Which is good, as it highlights the record’s longevity. Green captures a post-Reagen America still very much under Republican control, still riddled with images of Vietnam and facing an increasingly apparent environmental dilemma. Whilst it’s unfortunate that such right-wing politics, needless violence and selective skepticism are still in abundance, it becomes clear that R.E.M. are a band whose material remains both musically and politically relevant.

the ARTS review: what's happening in the world of arts & film - issue 10

the ARTS review

Welcome to the 10th edition of the AU review’s ARTS review, where we present all the latest news from the Arts and Film world.

In This Issue: Emerging burlesque artists compete for Australian title, African Film Festival Australia premiers, Daniel Ho visits for National Folk Festival, Video-game heaven at Federation Square, Street artist E.L.K nominated for Archibald with Father Bob, and WA calls for live music photography competition entries.

Various Artists - The Bridge School Concerts - 25th Anniversary Edition (2011 LP)

In 1986 The Bridge School was founded, in a bid to create a school and learning environment suitable for the teaching of children with complex communication needs. In 1986 the first Bridge School Benefit was organised; however unlike other school fundraising drives this benefit was a bit different. It was organised by music legend Neil Young and featured a few of his fellow colleagues.

Top 5 Countdown: Best Backwards Videos

In celebration of the new clip from Guineafowl - the ridiculously catchy "Little Fingers" (an early contender for Australian song of the year - seriously loving it!) which you can view at the end of the article - we're going to look back at five of our favourite backwards video clips. This was a surprisingly difficult list to bring together - there are a lot of amazing clips out there with backwards elements.

5. Pharcyde - Drop