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Album News Weekly - 24th September 2015

In This Issue: Disclosure, Peaches, OPM, U.S. Girls, Gypsy and the Cat, Crayon Fields, The Pinheads, New Order, World's End Press, Kaskade and Fetty Wap...

the AU interview: Former New Order Bassist Peter Hook (Manchester) discusses the band's legacy and his upcoming book


It’s often an exciting, if not nerve-wracking experience to speak to one of your heroes. Scott Aitken tries to keep his cool as he chats with Joy Division and New Order co-founder Peter Hook about resurrecting songs from the band’s past, Ian Curtis’s favourite reggae song, and his upcoming New Order book.

Peter Hook & The Light to perform New Order's "Low Life" and "Brotherhood" in Australia and New Zealand in February 2015!

Peter Hook & The Light will be heading to Australia in February 2015 armed with New Order's third and fourth albums, Low Life and Brotherhood, performing both for the first time in both countries! The gigs will include singles and b-sides from what is arguably New Order's most prolific period of 1983-1987, performed along with a swag of other New Order hits that fans love.

Album Review: New Order - Lost Sirens (2013 LP)

Lost Sirens

The notion of a “time capsule” can be a dangerous idea in the music world; revisiting the past is quite often a painfully unnerving experience. In the case of New Order’s ninth studio album, the past it revisits is relatively recent. Consisting of tracks created during the recording of the influential British group’s 2005 release, Waiting for the Sirens’ Call, Lost Sirens feels like a collection of musical left-overs - left-overs from an album which was already disappointing in comparison to its predecessor, 2001’s Get Ready. For an aging band only recently pulled out of hiatus and now missing one of its key members - Peter Hook - New Order seem like they are slowly running out of ideas, and are now beginning to rely on reconstituting the past as a result.

Live Review: Future Music Festival - Ellis Park, Adelaide (12.03.12)

The Future Music Festival, at least for the past few years, has been a decent way to wind up the festival season in Adelaide. Sure, the crowd is generally unfavourable to be around, but there’s usually a good line up of artists to balance the bad with the good. 2012’s festival was a different case altogether; I don’t think I’ve experienced a worse day of live music in a very long time.

Future Music Festival - Doomben Racecourse Brisbane (03.03.12)

Ah, Future Music: the festival that has grown to combine rock and roll with electronic acts. Since its inception, it has climbed the ranks to become one of the favourite festivals to tour the lengths of our fine country. But in a climate of vast supply, would the folks at Future Entertainment be able to again satisfy the scores of thousands of punters its pleased previously? Photos included after the jump.

Tour Updates: The Pogues, The Black Lips, New Order, Jessie J, Lanie Lane and more!

The Pogues

There's a heap of extra shows and supports being added to some of the most anticipated tours of 2012. Luckily for you the AU review has got all the latest tour updates from acts such as The Pogues, The Black Lips, New Order and many more!