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Headliners announced for 2015 Ansan M Valley Rock Festival incl Foo Fighters, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and deadmau5

South Korea's Ansan M Valley Rock Festival has announced their headliners for each day of the three day festival from July 24th to 26th. US rock gods Foo Fighters will be appearing as well as Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, deadmau5, Rudimental, OK GO, ONE OK ROCK, Motorhead and many more.

The State of Affairs: Latest Music Industry News - 15th Nov 2013

In This Issue: This week is jam-packed with loads of musical goodness that has emerged over the past week. From ARIA and Bluesfest news, to music legends getting involved with art and... erm... board games, plus some home-grown talent getting their independent projects on via pozible campaigns, and tons more.

Album Review: Motörhead - Aftershock (2013 LP)

Perhaps Aftershock the album is an allusion to Lemmy’s recent hospitalisation for heart disease, but the calibre of the music on Motörhead’s twenty-first studio album certainly doesn't betray his health setbacks or the fact that he’s getting-on in years. In fact, you may think that Ian Fraser Kilmister is just another bad boy vocalist who is heavily into all the pleasures this life has to offer. Nudging seventy and still singing about women, booze, hell, partying and such like, it’s quite possible that an uninitiated someone would think this rock icon to be a much younger man.

Album News Weekly: 27th September 2013

This week, we've got some juicy news from the likes of World's End Press, Megadeth, Tinie Tempah, Kurt Vile, 65daysofstatic and more!

Motörhead officially announce their 2011 Australian tour

Motörhead play – correction - Motörhead ARE loud, fast, dirty, bluesy rock ‘n roll with an unrivaled, ruthless attitude; obnoxious yet dignified.