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Photo Gallery: BIGSOUND Live Night Two (10.09.15)

Pictured: Drawcard

Julian Panetta takes us back to the second and final night of BIGSOUND Live last week, with photos from the likes of Hellions, Drawcard, World Lines, Baro, Dorsal Fins, The Pretty Littles and many more! If you're looking for photos from the first night you'll find them HERE.

BIGSOUND Live: Highlights of Night Two - Part One (10.09.15)

And so BIGSOUND Live continues into its second night. The conference is still going, and people moving distinctively slower tonight than they were last night. However with plenty of fresh new live music to partake in, there is not time for sleep yet!

the AU interview at BIGSOUND 2015: Morning Harvey (Brisbane) talk new EP, touring and comparisons to Tame Impala

Nobody puts Morning Harvey into a corner, rather a psychedelic pigeonhole. Lead singer and song-writer Spencer White sees the references to bands like Tame Impala and Brit-pop genre as a constant motivation. White sees it "as a good thing with writing, I want to get so far away from people being able to pin us down to a certain genre."

Feature: Spencer White of Morning Harvey (Brisbane) & five Australian songs he wishes he'd written!

Brisbane's Morning Harvey are soon to be out on the road with their new EP love&loveand, hitting venues down the east coast through the month. Already being touted as one of the exciting new bands coming out of Brisbane's scene, blending some psych, post-punk and indie tones brilliantly, frontman Spencer White is also earning his fair share of acclaim as an entertaining vocalist and performer.

Live Review: Deep Sea Arcade + Hey Geronimo + Morning Harvey - The Zoo, Brisbane (27.09.13)

The Zoo is such a fantastic venue. It’s got its standing area for the main stage. Then there are plenty of seats with a great view if you'd rather relax from the back. They’re close to the bar too, which is always handy. But if you need to hydrate there are cups and a supply of H2O in an old telephone box. This quirky hotspot attracts all walks of life, though I have to say I was one of the few people wearing any bright coloured attire.

Live Review: Eucalyptus Echoes Psych Fest BNE - Beetle Bar (21.09.13)

My afternoon at the Eucalyptus Echoes Psych Fest kicks off with the Moses Gunn Collective. The first song sounds like a hot sunny afternoon viewed through a veil of smoke from your deck, full of shining heady riffs, before it speeds into an unsettling trip. Vocals enter in the second song, swimming amid a dense ocean of warm distortion with swicks of harmony from guitar before the drums lead it into a slow jam. Bass picks and play dashes of melody, with the poignant lyrics lending an emotional weight to the superb instrumentation. Stampeding drums and bass bring their well put together set to a close.

Gig Announcements: QLD and WA - May 8th

In this issue: Stomp The Music are back with Our Band Could Be Your Life #2, Anslie Wills launches You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine, Morning Harvey launches debut EP Well For Wishes, Everything In Life Is A Memory- debut piece by Feyek, returning to Perth from Portland, USA, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and newly formed The Amani Consort.

Our Band Could Be Your Life