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The Story So Far and Man Overboard prepare to defend Pop Punk Down Under with Australian tour!

Pop punk darlings The Story So Far are trekking to Australia this September for a 10-date tour of Australia with fellow heroes of the scene Man Overboard. Prepare to break out the snapbacks and cargo shorts and get ready to meet us in the pit, because this is going to be a tour no self respecting pop punk bro is going to want to miss.

Festival Review: Vans Warped Tour - Ellis Park, Adelaide (09.12.13)

If you were one of the millions of kids who cut their teeth on pop-punk and skate-punk in the late nineties and early-to-mid 2000s, the Vans Warped Tour was pretty much hallowed ground. I distinctly remember following the coverage of the American Warped Tours every year in high school, drooling over the line ups, following Buzznet blogs, watching videos and reading interviews. It was my dream to go over and follow the tour for myself at some point, although I'm not sure how I thought I was going to afford it.

Photo Gallery: Vans Warped Tour Part Three - Exhibition Park, Canberra (06.12.13)

Vans Warped Tour headed to Canberra's Exhibition Park on Friday where we caught the full line-up. Here's the third and final part to our Canberra gallery. Gwendolyn Lee brings us these photos from the pit at the Kevin Says stage where The Summer Set opened the stage and The Offspring headlined.

Festival Review: Vans Warped Tour - RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane (29.11.13)

Friday saw the first Australian leg of the Warped Tour since 2002, bringing with it the weight of punk rock folklore. On entry to the RNA Showgrounds, festival goers were welcomed by 35 degree heat, the smell of vinyl tents and one big-arse half pipe. I settled in for a long day in front of the outdoor stage which played host to the more punk end of Warped’s musical spectrum; with the indoor stage leaning towards metalcore. As more of the band shirt brandishing masses rolled in there was an anticipatory buzz of expectation. The crowd comprised largely of a generation who’d made a yearly ritual of staring longingly at the US tour’s line-up and now finally came their chance experience the legendary festival for themselves.

Photo Gallery: Vans Warped Tour - Barangaroo, Sydney (01.12.13)

The 2013 WARPED Tour stopped by Sydney on the weekend and brought out the punks, the hardcore heads and rock fans from every genre in between out to Barangaroo for a day of killer tunes. Mikki Gomez was there for the AU and brings you these snaps.

Parkway Drive, The Used and more feature on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour announcement!

The line up for the highly anticipated, AJ Maddah-driven, Vans Warped Tour has been announced tonight, with Byron legends Parkway Drive set to lead the charge. The event, returning after more than a decade out of the scene, Warped is set to get circle pits around the country hyped up and sweaty. After months of rumours, leaks and speculation, the 2013 festival will feature the following bands from Australia and around the world.


I Am Villain and more announced to support Man Overboard

With just less than 2 weeks before the highly anticipated Australian tour from MAN OVERBOARD supports have been added in each city showcasing a slew of up and coming bands across the country.

Fowlers Live will see Adelaide’s s rising stars CAPULET bring their intricate guitar work and soaring vocals showcasing tracks from their highly anticipated debut album

Man Overboard announce Australian tour

It’s not often a band comes along that creates, defines and inspires a legion of die hard fans, MAN OVERBOARD have done just that. Their Defend Pop Punk motto may have started out as a simple t-shirt design but has now snowballed into a movement for honesty and integrity. This attitude has catapulted the band to the forefront of the pop punk world, in a scene that in many ways has lost its DIY spirit.