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Album Review: kyü- kyü 2 (2012 LP)

As the play button is pushed, the album eases into life with lingering, harmonious female voices weaving in and out of a veil of tinkling percussion. This percussion builds into a structured rhythm, signalling the start of the second track and the introduction of piano to the suddenly playful voices and expanding soundscape. It’s only the second song and yet I’m already utterly beguiled by kyü’s ethereal experimental pop. It’s joyous, inventive, chaotic, intimate and yet huge.

The State of Affairs - Latest Music Industry News: September 23rd 2012

In this week's slightly late column (sorry boss!), we look at a pretty big shake up on the album charts, the Universal-EMI deal, and The Sando, which looks like it'll be going under unless a last minute save is made.

Gold Panda + Djanimals + Kyu - Beck's Festival Bar (14.01.11)

One of the most exciting things about the lead up to Sydney Festival is the line-up announcements for Sydney's best pop-up venue, Beck's Festival Bar.

the AU interview at Peats Ridge: Kyu (Sydney)

Are you doing South by Southwest?

Freya: We’re actually holidaying; I’m going with my boyfriend and then Al’s having a big holiday. We’ve been meaning to go on a trip for ages!

Well you’ve had such a long year; you’ve done so much!

Freya: Yes! A holiday is in order!

You certainly deserve it! Are you still at Uni?

Freya: I just finished

What about you Alyx?

Junip - Supports Announced


Djanimals + Kyu + Domeyko/Gonzalez - Oxford Art Factory (18.11.10)


I've put this off for far too long, so I’m just going to grit my teeth and knuckle down. I hope that this isn't the harshestreview ever written, so here goes...