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KIM SOO HYUN | the AU review

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Hello Asia! Live Review: KCON LA 2015 M! Countdown Day 2 - Staples Center (02.08.15)

Another August in Los Angeles, another KCON and MCountdown concert bonanza! Now in its fourth year, the All Things Hallyu event ballooned once again in size, scope, and attendance. This year’s mantra was “Ignite Your Feelz” and the double concerts indeed ignited all kinds of feelz for the 90,000 attendees who took over the Staples Center on August 1st and 2nd. Here’s a brief rundown of the second of the 2-night conflagration of fan emotions.

Hello Asia! Korean News Weekly: 15th October 2014

In This Issue: A round up of the best Korean entertainment news from around the world for the week ending 15th October, 2014. JYP announce US and Canada Auditions, Luhan call quits on EXO, YG squashes SM in stocks, Big Bang celebrate their 5th birthday in Japan, U.S get to experience VIXX for a 2nd time and more...

Hello Asia! Feature: 2014 Korea Drama Awards Wrap-Up

The 7th Annual Korea Drama Awards were held in the beautiful Jinju on October 1, where the Hallyu heavens came together to bring us the biggest names on Korean TV. The event had its front-runners before the ceremony even began with fans waging an online war on who would take out the top ‘Grand Prize’.

Hello Asia! Korean News Weekly: 5th October 2014

In This Issue: A round up of the best Korean entertainment news from around the world for the week ending 5th October, 2014

Hello Asia! News: Style Icon Awards set for Seoul on October 28

Style Icon Awards

The 2014 Style Icon Awards (SIA), Asia’s largest and only style award ceremony, will descend on Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on October 28, with over 50 Style Icon nominees including Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, EXO, Jung Joon Young and more.

Kim Soo Hyun holds a successful press conference in Taiwan

The ‘Kim Soo Hyun fever’ is getting hotter and hotter throughout Asia. With the success of Korean drama You Who Came From The Stars, Kim Soo Hyun is undoubtedly the most popular Korean star of the year.