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Celebrating World Record Store Day: the AU's 12 Hottest RSD Vinyl Releases for April 18th, 2015

This Saturday, April 18th, marks the world-wide celebration of World Record Store Day. The event, started six years ago as a means to celebrate the sale of vinyl music, last year boosted record sales to the highest they've been since the day's creation. This year, record stores the nation over are hosting celebratorial events, including live music, signings, appearances, giveaways and exclusive RSD releases. Below you can find a complete list of participating Australian venues.

Five of our favourite guest appearances at Coachella

Coachella 2014 was awash with amazing artist cameos, speaking highly to the collaborative vibe at one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Some were expected, some weren't, but all added to a very memorable couple of weekends. Here are 5 of our favourite moments.

Top 20 Hip-Hop Releases of 2013: Part 1 - 20-11

2013 has been a whirlwind for hip-hop the world over. The growth on our shores has been insane with artists like Horrorshow, Remi, and Jackie Onassis spoiling us with quality; classic sounds of the South continue to pervade commercial music over in the states (Juicy J and Mike WiLL Made It are taking over pop/Miley Cyrus); the future leaders of hip-hop (eg, A$AP Rocky, Chance The Rapper) are still cropping up with stunning debut albums and noteworthy mixtapes; and the more established artists are either breaking new ground (Yeezus) or reinforcing their reputation (Legends Never Die).

Album Review: Beyoncé - Beyoncé (2013 LP)

Surprise! Beyoncé has defied all leak-loving bootleggers, keeping an entire self-titled LP under wraps while shooting high-end videos for each of its 14 songs and working with some of the biggest names in the business. The latest album gives fans a sleek new package of shiny diva-pop that will undoubtedly reiterate her unequivocal reign as the queen of contemporary music.

Album Review: Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail (2013 LP)

“I hope my black skin don’t dirt this white tuxedo/before the Basquiat show”

A Knee Jerk Reaction to Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" (2013 LP)

Despite the fact that the Magna Carta was written to limit a king’s powers, Jay-Z and his already-platinum Magna Carta Holy Grail is set to further the kingdom that is Rocafella Records and Hov’s unquestionable position on the throne of hip-hop. With a clever marketing trail thanks to a partnership with Samsung, Jay-Z has effectively asserted his dominance in the music industry with the only thing left in question being the quality of the 16-track, 59 minute LP. Continuing the ridiculous digital buzz that Yeezus caused just the other week, these are my knee-jerk reactions to the other most anticipated rap album of 2013.

Album Review: Kanye West - Yeezus (2013 LP)

"Ni**as want my old shit / Buy my old albums / Ni**as stuck on stupid / I gotta keep it movin’ / Ni**as make the same shit / Me I make The Blueprint" - Jay-Z "On to the Next One"

15 of the Best Hip-Hop Posse Cuts

A posse cut was a common occurrence in 90’s hip hop and added to the uniqueness of the genre, emphasising that it is a culture much bigger than just rap; it is a movement, heavily dependent on collectives. You had artists frequently crossing paths and working together; constantly making and breaking alliances and competing with each other. This created one big, entertaining narrative around hip-hop, and it’s something which has been much too scattered post-2000.

The State of Affairs - Latest Music Industry News: 29th January 2013

Festivals in Australia are going through many a-drama, as Rainbow Serpent Festival survives, while Peats Ridge dyes. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis continue to grip tighter on the upper echelons of the ARIA Charts, and all the news from the Tamworth Country Music Awards, all in this weeks State Of Affairs.

Single Stream: Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z - "Suit & Tie" (2013)

"I don't want to put anything out that is something I don't love. You just don't get that every day. You have to wait for it. I'm ready."

Album Review: Various Artists - Triple J's Like A Version Anthology 1-5 (2012 Compliation)

Like A Version is the name of the covers segment brought to you every week by Triple J. The premise of the show is that an artist or band will drop by to perform live in the studio their interpretation of someone else’s song. It's a bold and brash take on cover versions that this hard to please reviewer was lucky enough to experience and to be absolutely honest I believe that the shows' hosts, Tom and Alex, said it best when describing the release of this anthology, spanning the years 2005-2009.

Album Review: Nas - Life Is Good (2012 LP)

A bit over a decade ago the two self-proclaimed kings of the New York hip-hop scene, Jay-Z and Nas released some of their finest LP’s, each with at least one track spitting vitriol in the others direction. Nas had the classic ‘Ether’ and Jay-Z had the vicious ‘Takeover,’ a track on which Jay attacks Nasty’s consistency:

New Music Video: Jay-Z and Kanye West "No Church in the Wild" (2012)

With one of the most killer beats on their record Watch The Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West have delivered a killer music video for their track "No Church in the Wild", featuring Frank Ocean. Inspired by the London Riots, this is an epic music video, well worth the wait...

Best of 2011 Countdown: Top 40 Albums - Part 3: 20-11

We're back with the top half of our top 20 countdown albums of 2011 list, and like all those before it, it's an electic pile of music from around the world that our contributors have been loving over the last 12 months. Let's get it started!

Best of 2011 Countdown: Top 40 Tracks - Part 3: 20-11

Let's dive right into the next batch of favourite tracks of 2011, as voted by AU review contributors!


In 2011, this Melbourne based band became fast favourites of the live scene, with their catchy riffs, energetic stage presence and tracks like this one, which stick with you long after you turn it off...

The Fearless Vampire Killers - Tell Me What You're Trying To Say