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James Murphy and 2manydjs brothers collaborate on new analogue night in London!

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA) and David and Stephen Dewaele (Soulwax/2ManyDjs) have collaborated on a innovative design that will turn clubbing upside down and inside out. DESPACIO, an analogue night into a digital world.

Film Review: Sydney Film Festival 2012 Review: The Comedy (CTC)

The Comedy is not at all what you expected. With a lack of strong, laugh-out-loud jokes the title actually seems like a misnomer. A far more appropriate one would’ve been How To Lose Friends & Alienate People. Except that was already taken.

The Festival Diaries: Sasquatch! Music Festival - Day Three feat. Bon Iver + James Murphy - The Gorge Ampitheatre, USA (27.05.12)

Sasquatch! is an incredibly social festival and day three saw us watching music as much as it did interacting with the other folk attending. It’s always nice to hear about what brings people to a festival like this; whether they came for a particular band, are a veteran of the festival or they’ve followed friends just for the fun of it (some people even came to enjoy the campground without any intention of entering the festival grounds). Everybody has a story and many of them are just as entertaining as the acts on any stage. Speaking of which…

Future Music Festival - Doomben Racecourse Brisbane (03.03.12)

Ah, Future Music: the festival that has grown to combine rock and roll with electronic acts. Since its inception, it has climbed the ranks to become one of the favourite festivals to tour the lengths of our fine country. But in a climate of vast supply, would the folks at Future Entertainment be able to again satisfy the scores of thousands of punters its pleased previously? Photos included after the jump.

LCD Soundsystem - The London Sessions (2011 LP)

LCD Soundsystem are pretty rad.