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I Exist announce 'From Darkness' tour dates.

Canberra’s I Exist have announced tour dates in support of their upcoming album From Darkness, which is due to be released November 29th. The boys will be performing headline shows at the end of November, through to December, coinciding with the release of From Darkness.

Eyehategod set for debut Australian tour!

So if you were sitting at home sulking in your EYEHATEGOD t-shirt because you heard they were headlining Melbourne's CherryFest but can't get there to see them. We are happy to announce they are showing the rest of Australia some love - well if you're going to travel all that way, why the hell not right?!

CherryFest 2012 Adds Cherries On Top

How sweet does that headline sound? Which isn't the usual euphemism when you're talking about sludge metal, psychedelic rock and stoner rock, all in the name of the new CherryFest festival at the iconic Cherry bar in Melbourne. For those already enticed by the first announcement with EYEHATEGOD, OMAR RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ GROUP and DERN RUTLIDGE,we can announce plenty more.

the AU Interview: Jason PC of Blood Duster (Melbourne)

blood duster

It feels like these days if you play heavy, fast, loud music it has to be labelled “something core” (hardcore/skatecore/grindcore/metalcore etc). Blood Duster could be labelled grindcore, they could just as easily be labelled a rock band. They also don’t give a fuck what we think because after 20 years, they have done alright without the media’s useless labels and mainstream popularity terminology. They just continue to make music for themselves and we are just lucky enough to be allowed to hear it occasionally. Like we will get the chance to as they tour with Bastardfest. A local touring festival of heavy music. We caught up with Jason from the band to learn about the new record, the bands longevity and Reflex copy paper.

Live Review: Frenzal Rhomb + I Exist + Dead Boss - Manning Bar (20.07.12)

Frenzal Rhomb

Frenzal Rhomb are just one of those bands that will always draw a crowd. Sure the kids are a little older and we head along to relive our glorious youth where Frenzal Rhomb albums like Not So Tough Now and A Man Is Not A Camel was and always will be the soundtrack to our reckless abandon and misspent childhoods.

Gig Announcements: Veil of Maya, Royston Vasie, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, Penny Ikinger and more.

Whether it's dates for Veil of Maya's current Australian tour, or Penny Ikinger's line up of April gigs, we've got you covered.

Veil Of Maya Wrap Up Australian Tour This Week

Groovin' The Moo Announce Local Contingent & Regional Channel V Presenter Search Auditions

Groovin' The Moo have today announced the local artists selected to play at each of the tour stops for 2012. Partnering up with Triple J Unearthed, the GTM organisers have chosen the following bands to represent each tour leg of the festival:

Grand Perceptor (Bendigo)
Kate Martin (Townsville)
Boatfriends (Maitland)
MC Stateovmind (Canberra)
Stillwater Giants (Ballarat)

Live Review: Blood, Sweat & Beers - Annandale Hotel (04.02.12)

bs&b 6

This is the way summer should be. Sun out, cold Coopers in hand, waiting for some tunes in the sixth installment of The Annandale’s local punk festival, Blood, Sweat & Beers. With a big month lined up for the iconic live music venue, Blood, Sweat & Beers kicked things off out back with Tommy Optional from the band The Optionals playing a solo acoustic set. Playing in much the same vein as Frank Turner, his folk tunes were perfect for a sunny afternoon.

I Exist announce January and February tour dates for the Keepin It Demin tour.

Already dreading the end of Summer? Fear not, I Exist have thought of a way to end the sunny season with a bang. Get out your sewing kit and prepare the vest for battle! Join them on one of their January / February dates to "Keepin It Denim" Tour and say goodbye to summer.

I Exist "Keepin It Denim" Tour 2012

January 6 The Royal Oak, Launceston

January 7 Brisbane Hotel, Hobart Lic / AA

January 28 Thriller, Brisbane

Photo Gallery: Doomriders + I Exist + Matador - The Zoo, Brisbane (22.07.11)


The first leg of Doomriders' first ever Australian show went off without a hitch, with I Exist & Matador playing alongside for the night. Amanda Brenchley brings us the photos...

the AU interview: Aaron Osborne of I Exist (Canberra)

I Exist return to the fray with the elephantine II: The Broken Passage - a dense offering of metallic hardcore versed in the classics, recorded primarily within the analogue realm and out of step with the continual digitization of heavy music. I spoke with guitarist and songwriter Aaron about The Broken Passage, having four guitarists and touring with heroes.

Supports announced for Propagandhi tour, final tickets released for Melbourne shows and Hobart sells out!

Secret internal cables released early Monday morning by controversial whistle-blower website Wikileaks, have provoked an unprecedented 694-day debate in Australian Parliament.