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the AU playlist: Our 12 favourite Ginuwine songs...that aren't "Pony"

I recently read somewhere that Ginuwine is considered a one-hit wonder in some circles, with only "Pony" really carrying across to a younger generation through pop culture references based on the song's ultra-sexed-up content and unique, Timbaland-defining production. That's wrong, really wrong. Though "Pony" is his most well known song, it is far from the only one Ginuwine has watched tear up the charts; it's a string of hits which saw him become one of the top selling solo R&B performers of the 90's, and to a lesser extent early 2000's. With a big range and a sharp ear for production, Ginuwine has delivered some great R&B hits over the years. With him set to tour Australia for the first time later this year, we look at 12 of our favourites which we hope to hear when he performs a series of club shows down here.

Ginuwine announces debut tour of Australia and New Zealand

One of the best selling R&B solo artists of the 90's, Ginuwine, has announced a tour of Australia and New Zealand. The man behind sexed-up masterpiece "Pony" will be performing a series of club shows across Adelaide, Melbourne, Broome, Perth, Auckland, and Sydney.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Announces 2014 Lineup!

The independent genre based festival,Fun Fun Fun Fest, as just announced their lineup for the fest happening in November 7-9 in Austin, Texas. FFF Fest welcomes for the first time in 25 years Judas Priest (pictured). Also included in the lineup are Neutral Milk Hotel, Nas, Death Cab For Cutie, Wiz Khalifa, Girl Talk, and King Diamond. Full of all different genres, there's something for everyone.

Bell Biv Devoe and Ginuwine Announce Debut Australia/NZ Tour

With many artists and bands from the 80s and 90s beginning to mark their comebacks with extravagant national tours, it comes as no big surprise that two of the most popular names in American R&B from this era are hitting the road. That's right, Bell Biv Devoe and Ginuwine have announced that they're joining up and coming over our way for a tour of dates in both Australia and New Zealand through May and June.