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BIGSOUND 2013: What you should know and who you should see!

With BIGSOUND gearing up for what is going to be another successful run in 2013, we thought it'd only be beneficial to give you a comprehensive guide of what's set to go down, what we recommend catching and more - no doubt your schedules are already causing headaches from the amount of awesome individuals set to speak and perform.

the AU interview: Fun Machine (Canberra)

Canberra's Fun Machine are an interesting bunch. They're about to embark on a tour in support of their new single "Naked Body", a song which samples formula-one cars and tap-dancing among other things to create a 3-minute militant dance party. Prior to the tour and the release of their upcoming album Bodies On, I spoke to them about putting as many manifestoes into their music as possible, wanting to put on a show like Sufjan Stevens or Lada Gaga, and the many, many bands worth checking out from Canberra.

New Music Video: Fun Machine "Naked Body" (2013)

Fun Machine have just released "Naked Body", as the first taste of their debut album Bodies On. The single follows on from their 2012 single releases "Alchemist" and "Ready for the Fight". In celebration of the single release, the band will embark on their Naked Body tour along the East Coast.

New Music Video: Fun Machine "Alchemist" (2012)

It seems the mythical formula for creating a catchy, poignant and uplifting pop tune is no secret to Fun Machine, as they lauch their new single "Alchemist".

Purple Sneakers unveil two new events for Canberra: Fresh Prince and Bel Air

For over 2 years, Purple Sneakers have been throwing massive parties your you all in Canberra to flail your limbs and smoosh face at. They've been known to "foster a real sense of community in the crowd; as strangers come together to dance, hook up and vom as one" - FasterLouder.

The good news is Purple Sneakers are not stopping there, no siree Bob. In August, they are bringing more of the party you love to the one and only Transit Bar.