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FELICITY WARD | the AU review

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Adelaide Fringe Festival Review: Felicity Ward 'The Iceberg' - Garden of Unearthly Delights (24.02.15)

Felicity Ward has come back to Adelaide from a long time away and she has some things to say, damn it. Bringing The Iceberg to the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Ward is angry at a lot of the same things we are (I say 'we' as in, most people with common sense and a beating sense of compassion): the current asylum seeker situation, the shambles that is current Australian politics and the fact that women aren't able to walk around, boobs out, without have the majority of men wanting to jack off over them.

Live Review: Sydney Comedy Festival - Cracker Night, Metro Theatre (24.04.12)

SCF 2012

As Melbourne's International Comedy Festival comes to an end, Sydney's kicks off with an opening gala event across two key locations this year. The Opera House and The Metro Theatre, where Comedy Central hosted a night of some of this countries finest and great international comedy stars.