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the AU interview at Soundwave: Fall Out Boy (Illinois) talks about their New Album, Slipknot and a Refusal to Sell Out!

In the second part of our interview with Fall Out Boy at Sydney’s Soundwave festival (you can check out the first part here), we speak to the band about the movie references in their new album’s title, American Beauty/American Psycho and they reveal a deeper hidden meaning beyond the cinematic allusion.

the AU interview: Patrick & Joe of Fall Out Boy (Chicago) talk about Big Hero 6, the Oscars, having kids and more

the AU review's Larry Heath chats to Patrick and Joe of Fall Out Boy at Soundwave Festival 2015 about writing songs for Oscar-winning movies, their attitudes towards the band before college, how having kids changes your perspective and the sense of responsibility they feel towards their fans.

Photo Gallery: Soundwave Festival [Day 2 Part 2] - Sydney Olympic Park (01.03.15)

The final part of our photo coverage of Soundwave Festival Day 2. Artists include Escape The Fate, Judas Priest, Slash, Of Mice And Men, Butcher Babies, Slipknot (pictured above), The Smashing Pumpkins and Fall Out Boy. Photos by Johnny Au.

Photo Gallery: Fall Out Boy + Twin Atlantic - UNSW Roundhouse (24.02.15)

Fall Out Boy and Twin Atlantic tore up the UNSW Roundhouse on Tuesday night. Evelyn Tjia was there to capture every moment, and brings you the photos below.

Live Review: Fall Out Boy + Twin Atlantic + Emily's Army - UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney (24.02.15)

Leaving home for Fall Out Boy headlining Soundwave sidewave, I felt a little nostalgic. Firstly, Fall Out Boy were the soundtrack to my pre-pubescent years - the end of primary school and the beginning of high school. Secondly, the first live band I ever saw, Brand New was touring on Soundwave when I saw them. Little did I know that in the hour it took me to travel to the show at UNSW’s Roundhouse, I’d also travel back in time.

Festival Review: Soundwave Festival Adelaide (Day Two) - Bonython Park (22.02.15)

Oh man, Soundwave Day Two just kicked Soundwave Day One right in it's 40 degree face. Don't get me wrong, Saturday was fun, it was a good time, but man. Sunday just knocked it right out of the park.

Headline shows confirmed for Fall Out Boy in Sydney and Brisbane!

One night, one more time... Fall Out Boy want to go another round with their Australian fans, announcing two special headline dates for Sydney and Brisbane while they're in the country for Soundwave. The Americans have a new album in American Beauty/American Psycho to show off, not to mention their swag of popular albums and are set to be joined by the talented Twin Atlantic and Emily's Army!

Faith No More, Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot lead 2015 Soundwave announcement.

Soundwave promised to be huge in 2015 and with this morning's delivery, it certainly delivered! Now set to be held over two days in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, a massive line up of international and Australian artists have been announced, with one set two play the first day and another to play the second. Leading the line up is the likes of Faith No More, Soundgarden, Slipknot and Slash for both days, while Marilyn Manson makes his return, along with the likes of Lamb of God, All Time Low and Of Mice & Men.

Live Review: Fall Out Boy - Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney (25.10.13)

Fall Out Boy were once a punk band and they are sure as hell not ready to let us forget that. This year's ferocious, Ryan Adams produced Pax Am Days served as a reminder to those that scoff and write them off as a pop act, that there is still some ferocity left over after all those years in the spotlight.

Photo Gallery: Fall Out Boy + British India - Sydney Entertainment Centre (25.10.13)

US rock band Fall Out Boy played the Sydney leg of their Australian tour at the Sydney Entertainment Centre last night. Supported by British India. Photos by Johnny Au

Live Review: Fall Out Boy + British India - Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (22.10.13)

When I was something like fifteen years old, I flew to Brisbane to stay with my aunt and uncle to see Fall Out Boy. This was like, 2006-2007, I think, before Infinity on High. All I remember about that show, was that I ended up getting so crushed at the front of the stage that I had to get crowd surfed out and was stuck in the first aid tent for "Sugar We're Going Down", which made me so frustrated I wanted to cry. I really, really loved Fall Out Boy then – something which I think I've been trying to bury under heavy layers of irony and nostalgia for the last five years.

Photo Gallery: Fall Out Boy + British India - Adelaide Entertainment Centre (22.10.13)

Fall Out Boy bring their "Save Rock and Roll" tour to Australia. A fantastic show full of energy and great rock and roll. Our photographer John Goodridge brings us these photos from the pit.

Fall Out Boy returning to Australia in October, supported by British India.

Fall Out Boy are returning to Australia this year, perhaps sooner than some fans had thought, with a run of dates locked in for October. It will be the band's first shows in the country to follow on from their intimate shows that took place earlier in the year.

Album Review - Fall Out Boy - Save Rock And Roll (2013)

So Fall Out Boy aren't poppy-soft rock band we all listened to after a break-up in 2006 anymore. We all know that, right? They haven't been since Folie à Duex, possibly even Infinity On High if you listen close. Am I sad about that? Yeah, of course. I didn't have a complete set of Fall Out Boy action figures when I was thirteen (yes, those actually existed, and I actually had them, what the hell...) because I thought From Under The Cork Tree was 'just okay'. But they're doing the whole radio-friendly, arena-rock-meets-hip-hop-at-an-eighties-night thing now, and it's no more apparent than on Save Rock And Roll. But does it work?

Live Review: Fall Out Boy - Metro Theatre (25.03.13)

Fall Out Boy’s hiatus might have only lasted four years, but it was swarming with rumours: was it a permanent break? Or would they be back next week? When their official return was announced earlier this year, I assumed it was a joke. A few weeks later, when I turned up to the Metro Theatre an hour before doors and saw the huge crowd that had already formed, I was still convincing myself it was real. And then the boys appeared onstage, and ripped into their first song…