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Canadian Music Week Photo Gallery (Day 8): Aussie BBQ Feat. The Lazys + Tora + More (08.05.15)

The Aussie BBQ was out in force at Canadian Music Week this year, with a packed line up and sausages on the go. Featuring The Lazys, Ecca Vandal and many more. rcstills was there to cover all the action!

the AU review partners up with Footstomp for a massive CMW party featuring Kingswood, Ash Grunwald and more!

For the first time ever, and with Australia as its Spotlight Country for 2015, the AU review is partnering up with Footstomp Music to throw a massive party as part of Toronto music conference and festival Canadian Music Week next month. Nine incredible Australian acts are set to showcase at the event, to be held at one of Toronto's finest venues, The Painted Lady, on Thursday, May 7th - with entry completely free! Here's the lineup!

the AU interview: Ashley Naylor (Melbourne)

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's classic album Houses of the Holy. To mark the occasion, Ashley Naylor is performing the entire album in full this Saturday as part of an all star band that also includes Bruce Haymes, Danny Leo and Stephen Hadley along with a rotating roster of guest vocalists. Larry Heath asked him how the night is structured, what the album means to him and how he feels about the recent trend of full album performances.

Live Review: The Heart of St Kilda Concert 2013 - Palais Theatre (14.05.13)

Trams suck. Really, they do. The tram heading toward this gig tonight seemed to be slowly moved up The Esplanade like a moose with constipation. Eventually it dawdled to The Palais in the plodding fashion that trams do.

Photo Gallery: Heart of St Kilda Concert feat. Henry Wagons + Rebecca Barnard - Palais Theatre (14.05.13)

Rebecca Barnard, Billy Miller & choir

Heart of St Kilda took place on Tuesday with music from Henry Wagons, Rebecca Barnard and many more. Mandy Hall was there and brings us these photos from the pit.

Live Review: The Sunnyboys + Even + Fearless Vampire Killers - The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (08.12.12)

For some of the fans arriving at The Corner after the cold change had set in on Saturday night, this was the very first time they were seeing The Sunnyboys perform, fresh from their Meredith show the night before. The Sunnyboys disbanded in 1984 and played a few reunion shows over the years and earlier this year under the moniker of Kids In Dust , but the Corner show was a chance to witness the band in a pub setting that would’ve recreated the atmosphere of their early days.

Gig Announcements: Owen Campbell & Musted Courage, Fait Accompli, Sunn O)) & Pelican + more...

In this issue: Owen Campbell & Musted Courage Melbourne show, Fait Accompli EP + Sydney Launch, Sunn O)) & Pelican Aus Tour + more...

Even and The Fauves Announce Co-Headline Tour

Even and The Fauves, two bands well known in the Australian music industry have announced that they're finally coming together for a national tour. Both bands, though having had extensive successful touring careers in their own rights, have never teamed up before and it seems that, through June and July, this situation is going to be well rectified!

Heart Of St Kilda Concert ft. Paul Kelly - Palais Theatre (27.06.2011)

There was a touch of trepidation going to The Heart of St Kilda concert at The Palais. Many of the acts weren’t really musicians that I would go out of my way to see a full concert over. It was a slightly odd feeling in all honesty, in that we were supporting a good cause by listening but I went in with the feeling that we were going to listen to songs which have grown tired through via plays on Gold FM 3 times a day.