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Album Review: Desaparecidos - Payola (2015 LP)

Thirteen years ago Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) came together with four other musicians in Nebraska under the name Desaparecidos (meaning 'the disappeared' in Spanish) to put together an album, Read Music/Speak Spanish. Read Music/Speak Spanish was a fuzzy, loud, angry emo-punk record that was fairly at odds with the sometimes-esoteric indie-folk Oberst was best known for. It was a good album – a great album – but pretty soon after Desaparecidos went their separate ways and it seemed pretty likely that the whole thing was done. Read Music/Speak Spanish became a kind of indie cred touchstone, and Desaparecidos seemed to fade away. Until this year, when, over a decade after their first album, Desaparecidos announced Payola.

Album News Weekly: 17th June 2015

In This Issue: Releases are few in numbers this week, much like the hours of sunlight in these miserable winter days. Thankfully, however, quality over quantity is the order of the day, with some top-notch artists pumping out brand new material.

Soundwave releases second artist announcement!

Soundwave released their new batch of artists who are going to be joining the likes Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold on the 2014 festival tour! There are return appearances for a lot of these artists, while some are making the trip over for their first shot at one of the country's biggest festival runs. Check out the line up below!

Harvest Festival first artist line-up drops - Massive Attack, Franz Ferdinand and more to feature!

It's finally here! The first line up for the 2013 Harvest Festival has been officially announced and as expected, it's a good one! Featuring some of the world's best, Harvest has been known to conjure some of the best music festival experiences in the country, even though it's still the baby of the festival circuit, as it were. Joining the already announced Neutral Milk Hotel and Eels are the following...