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Soundwave releases second artist announcement!

Soundwave released their new batch of artists who are going to be joining the likes Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold on the 2014 festival tour! There are return appearances for a lot of these artists, while some are making the trip over for their first shot at one of the country's biggest festival runs. Check out the line up below!

Soundwave Festival - Claremont Showgrounds (07.03.11)

Everyone has that moment, where they do something outside of their norm. For some people this is actually turning up to uni lectures, or taking a few minutes to talk to the weird lady with the cats next door (I won’t throw them at you, I promise). Mostly this is a good thing, but sometimes it is just terrible (like watching Britney Spears music videos online).

Compliation Album: Punk Goes Pop III (2010 LP)

I don't particularly understand the driving point of these constant, seemingly ubiquitous 'Punk Goes Pop' releases. They don't do these mash-up crossovers with many other genres, do they? I am yet to see 'Tekkers goes Grindcore 6' or 'Baroque goes Drone 4'.