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Soundwave releases second artist announcement!

Soundwave released their new batch of artists who are going to be joining the likes Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold on the 2014 festival tour! There are return appearances for a lot of these artists, while some are making the trip over for their first shot at one of the country's biggest festival runs. Check out the line up below!

Black Veil Brides: Wretched and Divine - The Story of the Wild Ones (LP 2013)


Hands up if you like Metal? I don't mean this post hardcore/screamo/metalcore, two singers, three guitars, four bass players kind of shit we get today. I mean true Metal. I mean black leather pants Metal. I mean a silver ring on every finger, multiple key chains, bandana tucked in to the back pocket Metal. Songs with grandiose riffs and over the top guitar solos, songs with that tell a story and not based on issues and real world problems. Metal that harks back to Iron Maiden, to Megadeth to Saxon. Metal that rose from the ashes of glam hair metal in the 80s, that still had the hair and make up but less girly and more masculine. That's the Metal I'm talking about. This is the album you want to have if that's the case.