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Photo Gallery: Edmonton Folk Music Festival Day Three ft. The Milk Carton Kids + Bear's Den + Lucius and more! (08.08.15)

Join us on the third day of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival in Canada with the likes of Bear's Den, The Milk Carton Kids, Lucius, Matt Andersen, Richard Thompson, Hanggai and many more!

Live Review: Edmonton Folk Music Festival Day Two ft. Edward Sharpe + Harry Manx + Frazey Ford and more! (07.08.15)

Pictured: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

On Day Two of Edmonton Folk Music Festival, we were treated to a rich and wonderfully extensive line up of artists, spread out across seven stages. Our night of music kicked off with the exciting and very promising session entitled "Magical Moments" with Jenn Grant, Bear's Den, John Smith and Danny Michel collaborating for a special performance.

Photo Gallery: Edmonton Folk Festival Day Two ft. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros + Frazey Ford + More! (07.08.15)

We take you to the second day of the action at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival in Canada with the headlining performances of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Frazey Ford. Also featured is "On a String" - a collaborative performance featuring The Once and others, "Magical Moments" - featuring Bear's Den, John Smith, Jenn Grant and Danny Michel, visiting Nashville performer Mike Farris and Edmonton's child violin prodigy Jack Forestier.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival lineup Announced Including Angus and Julia Stone and more international folk acts

In the year 1980, Edmonton Folk Music Festival had only one leading staff and three-hundred volunteers, now it has become one of the leading folk festivals in the world. Present day, with over 2000 volunteers making a massive contribution, the festival has become a non-for-profit event, showcasing the best in folk music worldwide. Known for their hit single, "Big Jet Plane", Australian folk-duo Angus and Julia Stone will also be part of this year's festival lineup!

the AU interview: Andrew Davie of Bear's Den (London) talks their debut album "Islands" and USA, Australian experiences

After touring Australia with Matt Corby last year, UK group Bear's Den left a lasting impression. Today, they release their much anticipated debut album Islands! While in Berlin, Andrew Davie of the group spoke with the AU to discuss the album, their immediate tour plans and the prospect of visiting Australia again.

New Music Video: Bear's Den "Elysium" (2014)

UK trio Bear's Den have had a fast rise since their 2012 formation. This new single is a bridging point between their first two well-received EPs and a debut album. During four days of filming in Seattle, a lone gunman attacked a nearby University campus; the real-life aftermath of which is reflected in this video.

Communion announces SXSW showcases featuring Vance Joy, D.D Dumbo and more!

Australian hotshots D.D Dumbo and Vance Joy are set to be must-sees at SXSW this year, with both just announced to peform at the showcases presented by UK music label Communion. The two showcases set for March 12th and 14th, will showcase acts from both the UK and the US as well as our Aussie reps, taking over both Blackheart and St David's Church in Austin. Party.

New Music Video: Bear's Den - "Sahara" (2013)

Bear's Den have released the video for new single "Sahara", just as they've wrapped up touring with Matt Corby. The song comes from their new EP Without/Within, which is out now.

Live Review: Matt Corby + Bear's Den + Bree Tranter - Hordern Pavilion (11.10.13)

Tonight would be a night of indie-folk music galore, but it would also be a night of thousands of screaming teenage fangirls. I was bracing myself to work out which of the two would be more overwhelming.